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Below is a diagram that will help you see where to measure your pet: 1.) around the neck 2.) the body length- from the base of the neck to the base of the tail 3.) the girth or chest - around the fullest part of your dog right behind the front legs. The best way to measure is with a cloth or fabric measuring tape. If you do not have one, use a piece of string or yarn to measure then lay it next to a yardstick, ruler or retractable measuring tape.

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As a pet owner who is all about recognizing the individual needs of pets; I purchased my Poodles jackets, sweaters, tee-shirts, boots and so on. It didn't take long to realize there was no standard in pet clothing and shoe sizes. A small tee-shirt from one company was the size of an extra small at another. It was becoming frustrating to order dog clothing online only to have it arrive and not fit. There were times I was lazy and didn't feel like measuring my dog and was hoping a SMALL WAS A SMALL and a MEDIUM WAS A MEDIUM. My hopes were dashed, there is no such standard. If an online retailer doesn't list the measurements next to their sizes order from a pet clothing company who does. Don't be put off by directives of "runs small" or "runs big" but rather be confident this seller is mindful of the lack of size standards in pet clothing and wants to be sure you order a size that will appropriately fit your pooch!

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Rugged, Functional, Outdoor Dog Clothes. We know you love to go on outdoor adventures with your dogs, as we do, too. What is your next escapade outside? Teach your dog to have a with the clothes before he wears them by pulling out the clothes and treating your pet just for looking at the outfit. If he sniffs it, mark this moment with a “good” and reward. Next, move the outfit toward your dog and reward him for standing in place as you gently touch his side with the clothes. Drape the clothing over his back for a couple of seconds and reward him for standing there. Then, fasten the stomach and chest straps and reward your dog for staying calm.

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Though Walsh doesn’t have immediate plans to make clothes for extra-large breeds or for kitty companions, she is starting to work on dog bowls, leashes, and collars: “We want to do everything a little differently—a little more high-end, so we just need to find a unique way to do those products. But that’s next.”

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