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can also help you keep the party under control. For example, if both dogs will sit or lie down and stay on cue, you can use the sit or down to give them a breather if the action starts to crank too high. You may well not need this option, and of course you may not have it if Newby is a shelter dog or if you’ve been slacking off with your own Dogalini’s training.

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Is it possible to train an old dog new tricks? Yes! Adult dogs are often easier to train than young puppies because they have more self-control. The following tips will help you train your adult dog.

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I knew this dog from the day he was born. This dog was TRAINED to be fearful and aggressive. Where and how do we go potty? For a new dog of any age, potty training is absolutely paramount. It’s one of the most common problems people complain about.

Dog Trainer Fort Collins: Four Behaviors That Scare New Dog Owners

In Closing, I want to make it clear that just because I talk about certain type of training or correction in this article, does not mean I promote, use, or encourage those types of training. I just believe that new trainers can’t learn enough about dog training. I think they need to be able to make educated decisions on how and why they train their dogs in a certain way. I hope the readers become balanced dog trainers.

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When the new dog enters the home, territorial instincts tell the old dog that he is to defend his home. These territorial feelings are the reason why dogs can not meet "the wrong way." To understand the proper introduction, we must first realize that dogs live in a world of scent. Dogs rely on their keen sense of smell to introduce themselves to their surroundings. Therefore, training is based on their highly developed sense of smell. This is a difficult concept to grasp because humans depend on sight more than smell.I got two new little schnauzer puppies and took them to Andrea Arden for training. Prior to taking them for training, they were very wild and hard to control. After our training sessions the improvement in their behavior was dramatic. The trainers here really have a way with animals and their love of dogs really shows.This is the best place! I took my puppy here for training classes and would do it again in a heart beat. The trainers are highly informed in training dogs, love every puppy, and are VERY approachable. I have recommended it to a handful of people with new puppies. They even answered questions for me months later. Top quality!!! You guys are perfect!1. Teach your new dog the rules of your house from the beginning. In the words of Dr. Ian Dunbar, “If you want your dog to follow the rules of the house, by all means do not keep them a secret.” When your dog first gets home, he or she may be a little confused and unsure of the new living situation. Even though your home is undoubtedly comfortable, it is different than where your dog came from, and different can be stressful. It is important to remember dogs do not speak or comprehend language and will best understand your expectations through training and management. Training and management should begin the very moment your new dog arrives in your home. Your instinct may be to give your new friend a few days to unwind and adjust before imposing rules and restrictions. While you may mean well, this delaying of training has the potential to be both frustrating and damaging. Right from the very first day, it is crucial to convey your expectations to the dog and to establish an errorless training system. If you do this, your dog will succeed in learning house rules right from the beginning. If you change the house rules a few days after your dog has arrived, he will not understand why things have changed. Your dog may have already formed new habits and will have a difficult time adjusting to yet another set of expectations. It is much more efficient to teach your dog everything you would like him of her to know from the outset.