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Dogs have been eating tennis balls for 75+ years . You are apart of a new generation of dog owners I like to call a helicopter dog owners. Helicopter don't let their dog's act like dogs. Did your breeder also tell you that your dog shouldn't eat bones? If a dog was in the wild s/he would gnaw on bones all the time. Do any of these dogs in the wild develop strange human diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer at alarming rates? No... They don't. But dogs who only eat processed manufactured dog foods robbed of living enzymes and play with mass produced toys constructed of polyester do. It's like feeding a child Kix cereal all their life. This child will have serious health problems. In my day we fed our dogs bones (cooked and uncooked), scrapes from the table and let them play with tennis balls and the never had these new-fangled now dog diseases such as diabetes. I have been letting my dogs play with tennis balls for years and they are fine and there teeth are strong as a mule's foot. What are breeders going to tell dog owners now? That if they run to long there could wear out their paws ; so we should stop letting our dogs run around. The result would be obesity. Or maybe they will tell them if play too fast their bones will shatter under pressure. Let your dog be a dog. I feel like this breeder of yours is just trying to convince you to buy mass-produced dogs toys and spend more money. This reminds me of all those fad studies in the 80s that made people paranoid and were proven to be wrong today. I love this post. These toy ideas are so useful for my 4-year old golden retrievers Bertha and Buster.

Dog Toy Rubber Balls. Material: Rubber. Size: Approx 7cm. Packing: As Pic Show. 100% New And High Quality...

Many of us hate leaving our pets home because we fear they will become lonely or bored. Boredom is not only unhealthy, but a bored pet can get into trouble, like the garbage or destroying your couch. A brand new toy is going to allow you play with your pet even when you are not at home, keeping them from getting lonely/bored. lets dog and cat owners play with their pets from anywhere. Owners can control the ball from their iOS or Android devices using our free app. Or they can login through the PlayDate website and play from their Mac or PC. A camera mounted inside the ball shows the pet as well as the environment around them. The company was founded on the belief that human-pet interaction could be improved using technology.

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Dog Toy Rubber Balls. Material: Rubber. Size: Approx 7cm. Packing: As Pic Show. 100% New And High Quality... This reality hits hard when a beloved animal is injured at play. One such horror story became news after a dog’s tongue was trapped in a hole in a ball, requiring long and painful medical intervention and finally, amputation of the tongue. The owner was shocked to learn that this wasn’t the first such incident—other dogs had been harmed, even killed, by the same toy. The company, Four Paws, eventually recalled several of its toys, according to its website.

Leaps & Bounds Latex Emoticon Ball Dog Toy

Some toys can serve multiple functions for dogs to interact with, combining common play behaviors into a single toy. Some can adapt to other toys and objects, and be combined by the dog owner to create new toys for dogs to play with. Whereas a hard ball is not well-suited for chewing, and a plush toy is difficult to throw, wrapping the ball in a plush exterior creates a toy that can be thrown and chewed on. Such toys may provide more entertainment value for dogs and their owners.

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