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Congratulations on your new addition! You and your adopted dog are on your way to becoming life-long pals. Now here’s what you need to help your new dog settle in and make the transition from dog shelter to home life a little less nerve racking.

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First, bear this in mind--your new adoptee has undergone a lot of . She came to the shelter as a stray, or her family relinquished her. Even the cleanest and quietest shelter isn’t a home, and even the kindest staff can’t substitute for a long-term family. Now here comes another upheaval--and your new dog has no way to know what’s coming next. It’s a lot to take in even for the friendliest, most stable dog.

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Here is one real-life example of #4 working instantly for a newly adopted dog: To ensure safe and loving placement for every one of our rescues, we screen all of our applicants. Once the application has been reviewed, a Great Dog Volunteer will reach you for a phone interview, and check both vet and personal references. Then we’re ready to schedule a home visit for you and your new best friend, handle the adoption fee and sign a contract.

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Adopting a pet in the New York City area? The ASPCA’s wonderful adoptable dogs and cats are waiting for you right now! Visit our spacious, state-of-the-art Adoption Center on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

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There are many advantages to adopting an adult dog. You already know the size andthe disposition of your pet, something not known of a puppy. However, you do notknow your pet's past. You do not know if he is housebroken or trained. He hashad to adjust to different situations so it is imperative you be patient with your new petand let him know and understand your patterns.Give yourself and your new pet a great big hug! You’ve just saved a life! To make sure you and your new best friend stay happy and healthy together for a long time, here’s our list of the top ten things you should get for a newly adopted dog or cat:You’ve done it. You’ve gone to an adoption group, a humane society or an animal shelter and walked out with a new dog or cat or puppy or kitten. Now what?Also, don’t forget to check in with the adoption group you picked your new pet up from! They typically have blogs and want to hear how the dogs and cats from their shelters and foster homes are doing with their new families. If you have any questions about how your pet is transitioning, just call them up! They’d rather answer a couple questions than have you worry about your pet.