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Natural remedies for dogs with urinary incontinence involves the use of herbs and homeopathic remedies to support bladder control and normal urine flow. There are some effective natural products which you can find at the end of this page that can be used to help an incontinent dog.

Thanks for sharing! Can you tell me which natural homeopathic remedy you used for your dog’s incontinence that worked?

There are several different potential causes for urinary incontinence in dogs. Many veterinarians will prescribe antibiotics in case a urinary tract infection is the issue. There may also be birth defects, a neurological disorder or estrogen deficiency in the dog. If you have tried medicine for your dog's incontinence problem to no avail, you can try some herbal remedies under the guidance of a holistic veterinarian. Keep in mind, many herbal remedies have not been proven to be effective by clinical trials. All herbs can be purchased at natural food stores or at natural pet stores.

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Natural homeopathic remedy relieves incontinence & strengthens the bladder in dogs & cats - Treatment for Cats & Dogs Leaking Urine. Parsley and corn silk are a couple of herbals that are sometimes effective for incontinence. Here's a link to an article with some information on herbals and other natural treatments (corn silk, etc.) if you're open to that route: . Also Only Natural Pet has some herbal combination remedies that work well for some dogs: .

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There are also homeopathic remedies available that can help to strengthen the overall functioning of the urinary system and the bladder once the underlying cause the for urinary incontinence in dogs is treated. Several natural ingredients have a long history of providing this kind of support. Another idea is to add some cranberry juice to your dog’s diet. Cranberries naturally prevent bacteria from taking hold in the bladder.

Herbal Remedy For Dog Incontinence

For dogs who are suffering from urinary incontinence due to hormone deficiency, old age, stress, or some birth defects, natural remedies can be used as a complementary treatment for the problem. These remedies include the use of herbs and homeopathy. In addition to medication, there are also natural treatments and remedies that can be used for urinary incontinence in male canines. Certain herbs, particularly corn silk, can help treat incontinence. Corn silk is usually put in the pet's food, with the dosage amounts depending on the dog's age, size and weight. Using natural remedies alone may not completely cure the condition, but will help the process in combination with other treatments.