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Natural Balance has worked hard to become a better and more accountable company for dog owners. They have their hand in supporting local communities to support every dog's health and well-being. If you're still not sure, you can check out some coupons they offer.Natural Balanced has come under some scrutiny, but they are still a great company that works every day to help every dog. Health is their priority, and if you're looking for a Natural Balance food for your pooch, you want to see how they fare with different tastes.Related Reviews:

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I just read that Del Monte bought Natural Balance. The reviews after the buy-out aren’t as good. Is this yet another case of a big corporation charging the same amount for poor quality dog food? What’s the thought on this?

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Information and advice on Natural Balance Dog food, and natural balance dog food reviews. My American Foxhound has severe food interolerances to most meat products. He tolerates Royal Canin Anallergenic and Hypoallergenic (containing hydrolized protein) best, but I cannot afford their very high price tags. I have tried him on numerous limited ingredient foods with a moderate to poor success rate. His stool was more formed than most other food, but he had a large quanitity of poop everyday. Sometimes going as many as 5 to 6 times daily. I saw a marked difference when I switched him to the Natural Balance Vegetarian dry food. He now has just 2 to 3 formed bowel movements daily. This food may not be the best for other dogs, but it really works well for him. I would recommend this to anyone with a dog with a similar condition. Thanks for your insightful reviews. It has helped me to make informed decisions on food for my other dogs.

Natural Balance Ultra Canned Dog Food | Review | Rating | Recalls

I'm writing this natural balance dog food review today because my wife is finally sleeping at night now that her Pomeranian SiSi is eating again, all thanks to this dog food roll. We could not get her to eat anything and she was losing weight. Took her to vet and she wasn't sick, just extremely picky. Now as long as this product is shredded in her food she will eat again. Thank you Natural Balance for making something SiSi will eat that is actually not filled with byproducts or junk. We were really scared there for a minute!

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