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Our laser engraved name plate eliminates the need for tags and the jingle jangle that comes along with them. Plus, this personalized dog collar can include your number, address, microchip number or a combo of the three! Engraving is guaranteed to never wear off!

Instead of hanging tags, permanently attach a nameplate to your dog's collar.

This is the best personalized collar our dogs have had. Others have faded, stretched out of shape, or got so dirty that they became hard to read. These are bright, and the nameplate print is a reasonable size that can easily be read.

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Personalized Name Plate Dog Collar - Engraved with 18 Webbing Colors to Choose From Take a look at our custom adjustable nylon dog collars with nameplates. These personalized engraved nylon dog collars are made out of durable yet soft and flexible nylon material. Here you can by personalized nylon dog collars in two styles: with a plastic buckle or a metal buckle. Collars with plastic buckle come with a slide-on nameplate. Matt black plastic buckle is smooth and lightweight, but also very durable. Strong heavy duty laser engraved metal buckle makes your collar look great and is also designed to serve you for years. Custom nylon collars for dogs with personalized metal buckles allow you to engrave any contact information, which can contain: pet’s name, your contact number, address esc. The amount of information we are able to engrave depends on the size of nameplate – small one can only contain up to three lines of information, medium one – up to four lines, large one – up to five lines of information. Consider this before placing an order.

SunGlo Personalized Engraved Name Plate Dog Collar.

One of the best features of the Camouflage Dog Collar with Nameplate is the built-in stainless steel nameplate. These nameplates are riveted right into the strap of your dog’s collar. Man’s best friend deserves the best, and that’s why we offer deep laser engraved personalization, free of charge. This way you can fit personal information on your dog’s collar that could be vital in returning them home safely, should they ever go missing. Because the nameplate lays overtop the collar strap you will no longer have to worry about losing a tag or hearing that typical jingle-jangle of standard dog tags.

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Hi Melissa,
We use a wire cutter to dig around the rivet caps until we are able to pry them up. Once you do this on both sides the nameplate will come off. If these were dogIDs collars you can send in the collar with your new nameplate order and we can remove and replace with the new nameplates!Keeping your dog's information front and center is so important to their safety. With our leather name plate dog collar, your dog's ID info is big, bold and can be seen from far away. Safety + style = Mimi Green Leather dog collars nameplate puts an end to the constant jingling of hanging name tags on your dog's collar without giving up the security of easy identification. It also serves as a backup if you choose to keep the hanging tags on your dog's collar. Although a nameplate is attached with rivets, the process is not intimidating and does not necessarily require special equipment.Our LCS Brass Name Plates are a great addition to any collar, and provides essential information for the finder to contact you should your dog ever become lost.