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Why?: With age, or injury, a dog's cartilage becomes drier and more fragile. attracts fluids toward the joints like a magnet! Since the dog cartilage has no blood supply, all the nutrients and lubrication must come from the fluid that flows around the dog's joint areas. This is where glucosamine comes in... Glucosamine is a major building block for joint nutrients. Glucosamine is the lubrication that chondroitin attracts to the dog joint. When the dog has a regular supplement of glucosamine and chondroitin, the joints and cartilage are lubricated and allow for the dog's natural repair mechanisms to take command of the joints. MSM is a widely researched sulfate that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Dog's with regenerative joint disease, arthritis, osteoarthritis, or joint injury will benefit most from a that contains all three ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM.

MSM for Dogs and Cats is a supplement supporting proper joint function and connective tissue health

Dasuquin with MSM is a comprehensive joint health supplement for dogs containing proprietary ingredients, which goes above and beyond standard glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplements. It has the same ingredients as Dasuquin, but with the addition of MSM, which helps to relieve pain and inflammation.

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Cosequin DS Plus MSM Joint Health Supplement for Dogs 2-pack 360 Total Count Chewable Tablets. Giving dogs MSM supplements meant for humans is inadvisable. Supplements made for humans often contain ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and other flavorings that, although safe for humans, may be unsafe for your dog. MSM supplements for humans also tend to come in pill or powder form that may be difficult to convince your dog to take. Powdered MSM has a bitter flavor that cannot always be masked by cheese, peanut butter or other foods commonly used to convince dogs to take medicines.

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Companies that make supplements specifically for dogs only include ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat, avoiding artificial ingredients and flavors that are often found in human MSM supplements. MSM supplements for dogs are often contained in treats or are flavored with safer products such as natural chicken, liver and other flavorings. This makes the MSM much easier to give to your dog without the artificial ingredients that may be unhealthy.

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While glucosamine is the most common ingredient in supplements for joint health, there are other components which may increase the effectiveness of your dog's joint supplement. is another natural substance found in your dog's cartilage and, when paired with glucosamine, has an even more beneficial effect on your dog's joints. MSM (methylsulphynolmethane) is a natural sulphur compound also thought to help improve joint flexibility and reduce pain and inflammation. Although rare, few side effects of MSM supplementation such as vomiting, and headaches have been documented. MSM supplements contain dimethyl sulfoxide and dogs that are allergic to this ingredientshouldn't be given these supplements. Since Dimethyl sulfoxide can cause toxicology problems in dogs, MSM supplements should be administered with caution. There are several other adverse side effects that can be observed in dogs that are administered MSM supplements. Somedogs experience changes in the lens of the eye, such as opaque lens or achange in the refractive index of the lens, after taking MSM supplements. This is the main reason why dogs that are administered these supplements need regular eye checkups. Some pets may develop liveror kidney problems. It's therefore important to perform liver and kidney function tests biannually.