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ATLANTA - Service dog training teams are heading back to Florida after they say a local motel denied their dog teams a place to stay together. They were in town to help Aimee Copeland.

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer caught up with the trainers who wonder if the motel violated the law.

German shepherd Brodie is trained to save his handler's life by fetching medicine. He also helps owner Steven Kappes if he faints, after a traumatic brain injury suffered in combat.

"We go everywhere together -- sleeps in the same room with me," Kappes said.

But not Saturday. Kappes said he tried to check into a Decatur Motel 6, but thinks he was wrongly denied a room because of a 'one pet per room' policy.

"I just think they didn't get the whole service dog aspect, what the dogs were really used for," Kappes said.

They said the hotel wouldn't let the other dog Belle, a Labradoole, stay in the same room with them.

Belle was in town because she will soon become Aimee Copeland's new service dog.

Copeland lost her hands and a leg to a flesh eating bacteria, and Belle is in training to help.

The group, PSD Academy, said they needed to save money on the trip by putting both dog teams in one hotel room, something they do in other cities.

The Florida service dog group's founder, Crystal Callahan Ayala, is talking with an attorney about whether the hotel violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not making a reasonable accommodation.

"If two individuals wanted to stay in your hotel and they were both in wheelchairs, would you make them stay in two separate rooms?" Ayala said.

"All he kept saying was 'pet, pet, pet' even thou we kept telling him these are not pets, these are service dogs, these are our lifeline to the world," dog trainer Dianne Wertz told Stouffer.

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I wanted to respond after reading the owner response concerning the upcoming remodel. We stayed in May 2015. We traveled with a small dog and the night we stayed at least 4 other rooms had a dog with them. I SOOOOO appreciate that you allow dogs. It is ideally located next to a park where we could take our dog. Since we did not want to leave the dog in the room while we went to a restaurant, we did sit outside and ate our dinner at the coffee shop tables. It was not open and we cleaned up after ourselves. (The restaurant you recommended was wonderful and the takeout containers were excellent.) I loved the retro feel of the hotel and being baby boomers it was a nice reminder of our youth. Everything was very comfortable and we get a good nights sleep. It was very clean and had friendly service. Yes the carpet was a bit worn, but it was clean. I have stayed in chain motels where the carpet needed to be replaced. The flooring does receive lots of wear and tear. In conclusion, I would definitely recommend staying here and hope the owners will come up with a flooring option that will allow warmth but continue to allow pets. Thank you for a wonderful night stay. .

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