BarkPost uses Fetch!, the dog breed recognition app

The primary means of breed identification for non-pedigreed dogs and mixed-breed dogs is a visual glance and a guess. The dog may be compared with the breed standard for a breed; again, this is based on visual assessment. It is entirely subjective.

Recently released AI app identifies dog breed information from pictures and mixes some fun too.

You may wonder, why should I care about my mixed dogs ancestry? There are numerous reasons why taking a dog breed identification test is worth the effort.

Helpful resources: Dog breed finder ..

Even assuming we could definitively identify every single dog’s breed or mix precisely, where do we go from there? I'm sure I didn't do well. I picked out the closest breed I could. I too don't think highly of these breed DNA tests, every one I've heard of gives absurd results. I'll take your word on it Brent, that this one will be more accurate. This is exactly why I (along with many of you) get so frustrated with dog bites being identified as done by "pit bulls" and banning any dog with even a fraction of "pit bull" in it. I'm sure I'm way off the mark on these samples and I sure wouldn't want to have the job of officially plastering a breed mix name to a dog of unknown breeding.


Tests like this bother me because I don't believe for a minute every mixed breed out there is a cross between a purebred 13 inch Beagle and a purebred Cocker Spaniel, for example. I think a lot of the shelter dogs and strays in urban areas (and probably rural areas as well) are mixes of mixes of mixes of mixes of mixes. Very few of the dogs in shelters that are labeled as "pit bulls" bear even a remote resemblance to the registered American Pit Bull Terriers shown in conformation at ADBA shows, which probably explains why I flunk those "Identify the pit bull" tests every single time.

our adoption agency told us he is a border collie mix.