What is the name of Kermit's nephew and Miss Piggy's dog

D’Angelo enjoys his new home with three sisters, two also with pit bull lineage, Nestle and Miss Piggy. We adopted Nestle 10 years ago from the Lake’s Dogwood Animal Shelter, as we live in the Villages part time. The rest of the time we live in Clayton, Missouri, where the other two were rescued. Miss Piggy had been a bait dog for dog fights. Daisy has the “black mutt dog syndrome,” where this is the least adopted dog because of their color and mixed breeding.

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When they arrived back home, Miss Piggy's personality had completely changed. She was no longer the scared, timid dog they had met in the national park. "During the trip home she seemed to relax a lot more," the woman wrote. "When we opened the back of the car, we were greeted with a different dog - the little tail was going a mile a minute."

4 Luv of Dog Rescue » Happy Tail for Hilde & Miss Piggy!

Miss Piggy dog costume:) Miss Piggy needs help training her dog Foo-Foo.

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Pedigree information about the American Bulldog Bullforce Miss Piggy

Foo-Foo is the precocious, precious puppy belonging to Miss Piggy. Foo-Foo first appeared in the fourth season of in the episode guest starring Dyan Cannon. The episode is Foo-Foo’s signature appearance, as Miss Piggy is getting ready for her big act, she needs someone to watch Foo-Foo. Floyd Pepper of the Electric Mayhem ends up the unfortunate (and unwilling) caretaker for the dog. After getting fed up with spoon-feeding and pampering the pooch, Floyd stuffs Foo-Foo into a drawer. Of course, Miss Piggy explodes with rage when she finds out what happened, but it’s hard to feel bad for the feisty Foo-Foo.

Sammie's celebrity look-alike is Miss Piggy's dog Foo-Foo

I got Miss Piggy from a shelter when she was four months old. I got her because I was struggling with my addiction and depression and at the time I though getting a dog would make all my problems go away. Of course they didn’t they just got worse one month after getting Miss Piggy I hit bottom with my addiction and I thought taking my life was the only option I had left. If it wasn’t for Miss Piggy I wouldn’t had picked up the phone and got the help I needed at a treatment center. I had a gun in my hand ready to pull the trigger telling myself just do it, you been talking about it for a long time and everyone will be better off without you. Miss Piggy came up to me and started licking my face and I looked her in the eye and saw unconditional love and knew I wanted to live. I am 7 months clean and sober and living my life I couldn’t be happier and Miss piggy hasn’t left my side everyday she reminds me that life is to precious not to live everyday happy and free.It’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween—especially if it’s a costume for your dog. PetSmart just released its spooktacular (sorry) line of pup wear for October, and we’re a little beside ourselves. From a skeleton dress by Martha Stewart (and dog bowls, natch) to Disney and Muppet looks (Miss Piggy and Kermit, anyone?), your little Spot and Peanut have their outfits made. And really, we needed an excuse to show you photos of pooches in outfits. Can you blame us? (In case you’re wondering, theFashionSpot’s mascot, Beanie, is going as either Batgirl or a cheeseburger, both available.) All the costumes are in stores now.