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Dog Toy Critic "Louie The Beagle" Episode #6 : COLLAR PULLER
These purple rings are pretty fun to play with :-).
Perfect if you want to be active with your dog.




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Louie is a cute and derpy beagle dog and he and his little sister Marie are always up to no good!

Their human loves them so much he spends alot of time spoiling them like no other dog on the planet.

From ball pits , minion themed birthday parties , bounce houses , testing out kids minions and disney toys to playing with puppies and goats....we do it all :-).


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School may be out for summer, but it’s pop quiz time! Ok minions….Your goal is to guess for each of the three pictures whether they are a dog toy or a sex toy.

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Arne Jacobsen a.k.a. , a one-year-old  dog, loses a battle against an inflatable Minion toy… When Minions aren't causing on busy roads, they're apparently beating up on dogs. In the clip above, you'll see , a one-year-old Shichon, attempt to engage in some friendly play with an inflatable Minion toy. The toy, however, does not keep things friendly.

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In a no-holds-barred battle between a fluffy dog and an inflatable toy, who will win? Bear in mind that the dog has claws and the Minion is an inanimate object.

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For Halloween, the famously adorable yellow minions from the film became a top costume, and now that the holidays have rolled around, a talking minion … dog’s training and care taking. Kids love gadgets too. Major retailers are now stocking their toy …Unfortunately, a dog named Arne Doodle had to . In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, little Arne takes on an inflatable Minion Kevin toy… and loses.Minions Collectible Dog Tags and Stickers each packet comes with 1 dog tag and 1 sticker, everyone of them is super cute and we were so lucky we didn't get any duplicates. Fun to collect and perfect way to dress up your backpack.

BONUS Minion Soundpad- watch and listen to us play a tune in Minion language.

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Jaylin- Kids Rock ToysThere are so many awkward jokes we could make here, but we’ll spare you since we’re feeling charitable. So minions, which one of these fish is the PG-finding Nemo dog toy and which is better suited for finding your G-Spot?