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Large Dog Trimmers – These nail clippers are identical to the Miller’s Forge Trimmers. They are simply thicker and stronger to cleanly clip large dogs stronger nails. This makes them clumsy for use on smaller dogs.

Millers Forge Large Dog Nail Clipper has heavy-duty stainless steel blades and a vinyl pouch. 6.5"L

For dogs with medium to large nails, the Millers 767C Forge clipper is a fantastic high-quality tool for the job. This trimmer comes with a non-slip, grippable handles as well as a spring loaded action and sharp cutting edge for easier trimming. The Millers 767C can also be used for dewclaw removal and tail docking.

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These Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers are preferred by Veterinarians and Professional Groomers alike! Scissor clippers, also known as Miller’s Forge clippers, consist of two blades that come together and cut off your dog’s nail. The squeezable handle allows for more force, making these clippers better for thicker nails on large dogs.

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If you are an owner of a larger dog, then it is perhaps the best to look for clippers meant for such dogs, and the best ones of those have to be the Millers Forge Dog Nail Clippers.

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Always remember to select a nail clipper that would match the size of your dog. The three major primary types of dog nail clippers: miller’s forge, guillotine style and large nail trimmers are each applicable to dogs of certain sizes and it would not be so convenient to use a certain type on a wrong dog. The best clippers will enable you to do the best trimming and cuts over your dog’s nails. Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers have a plier style design. This contrasts with the guillotine style design of other clippers available on the market. The pliers themselves come with bright, cushioned grips. And between the handles is a spring mechanism, intended to help the pliers swing back into the open position for the next nail. The pliers also come with a guard designed to prevent overcutting built directly onto the clipper itself. The clippers are designed for use with all breeds of dog, from the very small to the very large.Millers Forge Stainless Steel Dog Nail Clippers are designed to be a basic, yet robust clipping product for your dog. Millers Forge says that the clippers are built to a high standard and designed to withstand years of use. But do their claims conform to reality? Here we’re going to take a look at both the pros and cons of the company’s Steel Dog Toenail Clippers. Millers Forge Medium Dog Nail Clipper with surgical stainless steel cutting edges feature a unique overlapping locking clip and new ergonomically desi...