Bass Dog & Cat Grooming Fine Tooth Metal Flea Comb

Safari Flea Comb is used as an early warning tool to detect fleas and identify skin and coat problems. It has two sets of metal teeth to catch fleas and debris when you use it to comb your dog.

Dog Metal Comb

To get into that thick undercoat you’ll need an undercoat rake. A soft-edged metal comb that rakes deep into their coat to remove loose hair and mats. Dogs love the feeling of the undercoat rake and helps control excessive shedding.

Used For: The metal comb is a must-have for any dog with hair.

Fur Knot Cutter Grooming Shedding Brush Comb Rake Dog Cat Long Short Hair Metal Blade *** Read more at the image link.
Product info: Name: Dematting Comb
Color: Red
Weight: 3.3 ounces
Size: 7.5 * 2.4 * 0.9 inches
Product Description:
Metal comb teeth, wavelike & bend blade. The dematting comb is mainly applicable to all kinds of long-haired pets. Since the fine hair of long-haired pets is very easy to tie a knot, a generic pet brush is not easy to comb. The edge of this stainless steel can demat and groom your pets easily. Once your dog or cat's long hair began to tie knots, we advise you to run a de-matting comb through it. Using like a generic comb.
Please note:
1) Besides pet grooming & care, Please do not put this to other uses.
2) Please keep it out of the reach of the children.
3) Treating your pet dog's skin roughly may cause skin inflammation. Please be careful with this kind of pets.

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A shedding blade, also known as shedding comb, is a looped piece of metal with short, dull teeth on each side to remove any loose hair. This tool is best used on dogs that shed a lot. A regular grooming with shedding blade will prevent you from having to continuously clean up your home from falling dog fur.

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Well, that was only the start. Dog grooming combs come in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can buy combs with ergonomically appropriate handles. There are handles made of wood, metal, or silicone gel that conforms to your hand. Then there are combs with no handles at all. This tool is specially designed to reduce and remove knots from your dog’s fur. It features a shatter resistant handle and metal comb making it incredibly durable.These dog grooming combs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and even colors. Some have uniform teeth of all one size and others are two sided. Combs without handles are generally referred to as Greyhound combs. Each comb is all-metal with either round or flat spines and comes in two sizes:

The Oster® For Your Dog Grooming Comb features metal teeth to glide through the coat safely, detangling the coat and separating mats. It finds debris and mats that brushes may not find. Rubber grip handle for added comfort and control.