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Protect yourself and others from your dog’s aggressive behavior with the PROGUARD Pet Products Short Nose Dog Muzzle. Designed for use while grooming a short-nosed or flat-faced dog, this muzzle can also be worn anytime you need to prevent him from biting or snapping. The mesh material allows you to wash and dry his face while wearing the muzzle. A 12-inch nylon strap fits behind his ears and the face mask covers his eyes, mouth and face while allowing him to breathe normally. For added prevention, the product label inside the mask can be flipped up to create a “blinder” that further restricts his vision.

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ProGuard Short-Nose Mesh Dog Muzzle is designed for short nosed dogs with or without breathing problems. Helps to restrict aggressive behavior while allowing to breathe normally.

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Measure your dog for the correct muzzle size. Start at the eye of the dog and measure down to the tip of the nose to get an accurate muzzle length. To measure for the proper circumference, start one inch below the eye and measure all the way around the nose of the dog. For proper muzzle fit, you must add length to each circumference measurement. An addition of one-fourth of an inch to half of an inch is required for a small dog. Large dogs require an additional half inch to one full inch. Special muzzles made of mesh material are available for dogs that have short noses.

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The mesh webbing has adequate spacing so as not to obscure vision and padded bumpers to keep it off the eyes. The Canine Friendly Short Snout Dog Muzzle is the best option for dog breeds with shorter snouts and is an important addition to first aid kits for canines. Regular muzzles are usually molded to a shape, and it was often a bit of a challenge for many pet owners to find one that would fit their short-nosed dog’s unique facial features.

Designed for short nose dogs with or without breathing problems