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What are the best medium sized dogs for apartments? Read on, because there's a nice cross section of medium size dogs for apartments here.

I have always wanted a dalmation, but those, from what I have read, are really really energetic dogs. I would feel absolutely terrible leaving it alone in an apartment when I was at school or work, so I think I'll save myself for one of them until I'm settled in a house somewhere. My neighbor suggested a beagle, but I thought those tended to be noisy. I'm really not one for teeny tiny dogs like yorkies or chihuahuas, so I think a medium sized dog would do the trick. Any suggestions?

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What are the best medium sized dogs for apartments? Read on, because there's a nice cross section of medium size dogs for apartments here. Top 5 dogs that are ideal for small apartments woman s best best six medium sized dog breeds for an apartment medium sized dogs por dog breeds 25 best medium sized dogs good housekeeping spaniels and pets

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Best six medium sized dog breeds for an apartment pethelpful best apartment dogs how to quiet a barking dachshund dog petcarerx 10 medium to large sized dog breeds for apartment or city dwellers 17 best ideas about medium dog breeds on pinterest cpr training

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But if you’re not willing to commit to providing plenty of exercise for your dog you should focus on who need less exercise. With enough exercise a , a , a or a can be good apartment dogs, for example. These are all medium-sized, loving, devoted breeds but they do need regular exercise.If you've always loved the smushy face of the English bulldog, you'll be delighted to know that they are perfect medium-sized dogs for apartments. Weighing in at between 45 and 55 pounds, they require little grooming and love to cuddle on the couch. These dogs are not the outdoorsy types. While they need daily walking, they much prefer living indoors and easily tire out with too much outdoor activity. They are also the perfect guard dogs, at least when it comes to looks. Their stocky build and business face tends to scare off would-be robbers.Plain and simple: medium dog breeds are perfect companion dogs—they are not too big which means they don’t require too much space, dog food expenses would not be as high as when you get a large breed, and they would still be big enough to serve as a cuddly pillow. Medium breed dogs are perfect exercise buddies, you could jog with them everyday, this is not only beneficial to them, but to you as well. Bigger breeds tire faster, and smaller breeds are very fragile. Medium sized dogs can live in apartments as long as they get ample walks, and you don’t have to worry about them getting injured as much as you would with a small dog. Since they have stronger bodies, they would fare well in rough play, perfect for families with little children. They also live longer than larger dogs, well up to 14 years.As apartment dwellers consider the best apartment dogs for themselves, it is important to think of the breeds and how compatible they are with your lifestyle. A lot of times, medium sized breeds might need more activity in their lives than a larger breed and there are times when a small breed will need more activity in their lives than a medium sized breed! A case in point is that of the Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are high-energy dogs that love to play around and like being close to their humans. They can be great apartment dogs as long as someone is willing to take them to the park after work to get all that excess energy out!