Martingale Quick-Release Dog Collar and Leash Set: Arrow/Red

>>> PLEASE be sure to measure your dog first; quick release martingales have their own unique size chart - your dog's "usual" collar size may not be the same.

Dog Collar - 1" Wide - Blue Sea Turtles - Quick Release or Martingale Dog Collar

This dog collar is available with a quick clasp closure, also called a side release clasp, to allow for adjustable sizing. Measure your dogs neck size or its current collar length (not including buckles) to obtain correct sizing. NOTE, Martingale dog collars are intended to fit loosely on the dogs neck

Martingale Dog Collar Dog Collar Quick Release Dog Collar - Etsy

This Quick Release Martingale Collar pulls taut on your dog's neck when he tries to pull his head out of the collar or pull ahead Martingale-style collars offer greater control without the danger of choking. The escape-proof design reduces damage to the dog's coat. Available in latigo leather with a chain in an assortment of sizes and colors. Some versions have a quick release connector. Martingale collars offer limited closure, and has been shown to be safer to use than a traditional choke collar.

Custom Buckle Martingale Collar with Chain Loop (Half Check)

Hi Sarah–I have a question. I have recently adopted a 65 pound Goldendoodle who has been trained with and came wearing an all chain choke collar. After reading this article, I ordered a quick release martingale Canine Equipment collar for him, thinking that would be a better choice for daily use. This kind of collar is new for me. My other dog just wears a regular cotton collar and a harness for walking. So with the CE Martingale, can my new dog wear that collar all the time as a daily collar or just during walks? When I put him out to run in the back yard, I’d feel more comfortable if he has on a collar with ID card just in case. There may be some days where he spends a few hours out there while I work. Should he have an alternate collar for those situations? Thanks!

Martingale Dog Collars, Limited Slip Safety Collars, USA Made

Buckle-Martingale collars are ideal for those dogs that require the extra correction of the martingale but owners like the convenience of the quick release buckle or for dogs who spook with things going over their heads.Also, these are the only martingales to use during dog playtime—buddies, dog park or play group. Without the buckle option, there is no way to get the collar off if a dog’s jaw gets caught in it. This doesn’t happen often but when it does, it can be a nightmare. Use one of these quick release options or take the collar off during such play.