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The sarcoptic mange can be treated using a number of natural treatments, which will be less likely to cause irritation on the dog’s skin and will have zero side effects.

Dogs with generalized demodectic mange need immediate attention and treatment.

Other may use for treatment are oral ivermectin given daily, oral moxidectin given daily, topical moxidectin applied weekly or injectable doramectin administered weekly. These medications are used off-label, meaning they are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of mange; however, they are approved for use for other diseases, and there are peer-reviewed studies to document their successful use for treating demodectic mange in dogs. Many of these medications may be better tolerated by your dog than amitraz. Some of the herding breeds of dogs, such as Collies, have a genetic mutation (known as the ABCB1 or MDR1 mutation) that may make them more susceptible to the toxic effects of some of these drugs. If you have a herding breed dog with demodectic mange, it is worth having your dog tested for the defect before starting therapy to determine which drugs will be safe to use as treatment.

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Fortunately, we can be proactive in the treatment of demodectic mange on dogs. Dogs here and in the southern states get Sarcoptic Mange all year long. It's a problem to cure here due to our temps hardly ever go below freezing. I have 6 now I have been treating for several month's due to one of my females escaped last summer and she got into something the was infested. As I said it is very hard to get rid of. It takes months of weekly treatments to even make a dent in the problem. I will not use poisons on my dogs so it take's mine a bit longer to get over it using Ted's Borax and peroxide. It works but just takes a while. Regardless of which way one chooses to cure the mange it takes a while to fully get rid of it. There are no overnight cures due to the hatching periods of the eggs, and they breed so rapidly. Your normal flea and tick baths do not affect mange mites. Dog, cat collars also no good. Have a great day.

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Sarcoptic Mange — if skin scrapings reveal the mite, a diagnosis of sarcoptic mange is easily reached. However, dogs may react so intensely to a small number of mites that skin scrapings can be falsely negative. A tentative diagnosis is often reached based on a dog’s clinical signs and response to treatment.

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Mange in dogs is a fairly common skin condition, mostly seen in immunocompromised or abandoned pets. The symptoms of mange are fairly general and can indicate a number of things, so always have any unusual changes in your pet’s behavior checked by your vet. While curing mange is on the cheap side, as far as pet healthcare goes, severe or untreated infections can require secondary treatments for symptoms like skin infections.Puppies with demodectic mange may suffer relapses, as a dog’s immune system doesn’t mature until 18 months of age. If your pet has an autoimmune disease – like lupus or hemolytic anemia – the condition could reoccur, so it’s important to maintain your pet’s treatment plan.