It's very important to know how dog foods are chosen.

In this post, we review the top ten best dog food brands in 2017. Our commitment lies in seeing all dogs attended to in the best way through the provision of the best meals. We sacrificed our time to sample and analyze products by the major dog food manufacturers. Finally, we were able to select the top ten brands/manufacturers who prepare the best dog foods.

Check out  for the run down on what is commonly found in major brand pet foods and what she feeds her bulldog Ooby.

Nearly all major pet food manufacturers now include omega-6 fatty acids in their commercial dog food. Omega-6 fatty acids can be found in Iams, Eukanuba, Purina and Hills Diet, just to name a few. While its presence is essential, the ratio of fatty acids is equally important. Essential fatty acid ratios are measured based upon the amount of omega-6 versus the amount of omega-3 in each dog food brand. Ideally, the ratio should range on the high side of 10 to 1, to the low side of 5 to1. The lower the ratio, the better balanced the commercial diet.

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What you may not know is sorghum is a major ingredient in many brands and types of dog foods Additional information can be found via Dog Food Analysis. It also offers unbiased reviews of all major dog food brands. Reviews are organized by wet and dry food for ease of use. You can begin exploring it

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What you may not know is sorghum is a major ingredient in many brands and types of dog foods. Investigating different labels at a local store, I noticed the majority of dog food brands contained sorghum. There is a type of dog food containing sorghum for every need, weight control, age, organic, maturity and the list goes on.

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