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A dog door that overlaps the main (human) door around its edges when closed is inherently more weather-resistant than one that just fills the opening. Only problem is that—unless you have a very clever and agile dog—this only works one way. With the two-flap solution there are in fact two dog doors: (1) the larger one which overlaps the outer surface of your main door, and which can be pushed open from the inside, and (2) a slightly smaller one that fits inside the other and can be pushed open from the outside. Both have magnetic catches that keep them in place when not in use.

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You didn’t mention what brand of pet door you have, but if it’s a Hale Pet Door, you can order a p. The training flap has no strikes to catch the magnets and hold it closed, and it is slit so the dogs can go through easily.

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In evaluating an electronic doggie door the first question is, "Does the door really open and close by itself or does it just unlock, requiring the pet to push it open?" Most so called "electronic pet doors" on the market are not opened by a motor and require the pet to push open the panel. That is something that a lot of pets don't like to do. Motorized electronic doggy doors are in a class by themselves, giving you huge advantages over electronic dog doors that merely unlock. Not only are motorized dog doors convenient for you and your pet, they are better sealed and far more secure. This is because the linear track in which the panel moves up and down provides a continuous, air tight seal and also provides a mechanically stronger holding mechanism that resists being kicked in by an intruder. Electronic dog doors that just unlock and swing open have to seal the sides of the swinging panel. These seals are not air tight and allow air to pass through just like flap doors, making them susceptible to drafts, less energy efficient and less secure against intruders, just like flap doors. Electronic dog door models like the Petsafe Smart Door and the Petsafe Passport are not motorized and are simply not in the same class of a Power Pet door (although, they like to advertise as if they were). There are also various magnetic and electro-magnetic dog and cat doors that operate a simple solenoid that unlocks the door when is senses a magnet on the pet's collar. Such products are made by Ideal Pet Products (a very good dog door manufacturer), Dog Mate and others. These types of products really do not provide much more in the way of security or insulation than a conventional flap door and don't really warrant much consideration here.

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White cat Big Fat Cat Dog Magnetic Lockable Gate Flap Door 14.5 ** Find out more details by clicking the image : Cat Doors, Steps, Nets and PerchesThis dog flap door from Ideal Pet Products has a magnetic strip shutter/locker on the bottom which keeps the door always shut. However, dogs (even toy breeds or cats) won't have any problems pushing through it according to the manufacturer and the other pet owners' dog door reviews. It appears that it's definitely worth trying if this is what fits your house since it's more affordable than some other best dog doors below.