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(Mary L: november 12, 2010)
Thanks Susan. Scooter goes crazy for liver treats! I have a liver treat recipe that uses cornmeal and wheat flour, but I think your recipe is healthier for the dogs because of the oatmeal.

We recommend feeding Bil-Jac® Original Recipe Dog Treats, made with real liver as a treat.

A healthy homemade liver dog treats recipe is a must for the dog owner who has decided to save their beloved canine companion from the burden of chemical laden products.

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Liver Treats Recipe. . .very inexpensive, healthy, and dogs love them! I picked up some organic liver and banana treats that my dogs l oved. Will probably try the liver and add ripe bananas (the ones I didn’t get around to eating!). Thanks for the recipes. I love making dog treats!

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Baking up these dog liver treats is an incredibly easy way to show you care about your Top Dog. This homemade liver treat recipe whips up fast and they keep really well in a covered storage container for up to a week, or freeze 'em - so your doggie treat jar never empties (we hate that when it happens).

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If you are just getting into baking homemade dog treats, liver is a great place to start. Since almost all dogs love liver, you will have lots of positive reinforcement for your hard baking efforts. And with simple recipes, bake up a batch, and see what your dog will do for some liver dog cookies!This delicious concoction of dog treats - a cornbread mix andliver recipe - produces meaty little morsels that dogs findirresitable... and they make great training rewards! Note that these homemadespoil easily, so divide them up into bags and freeze them. Take outonly what you need. This can be adapted as well to what you have inthe kitchen (check out the variations below).This easy dog treat recipe has only one ingredient, beef liver. Liver may not be the prettiest dog treat you can make, but trust me, your dog will not care. In fact, I bet your dog will start asking for it by name.When the liver is dry to the touch and reasonably firm, your dog treat recipe is finished. Many choose to cut the like treats with scissors into manageable bite size pieces. If the pieces seem wet at all, return them to the oven so they can dry a bit longer; however, the treats should not be rock hard or brittle.The oven should then be turned on but set to the lowest possible temperature, such as 130-150 degrees Fahrenheit or 50-60 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind a higher temperature will cook your dog treat recipe when what is actually needed is a temperature that will slowly pull the moisture out of the liver.Making your own grain free dog treats is simple. Just because your dog is sensitive to grains, doesn't mean you can't make the treats he needs. You can always make substitutions to existing dog treat recipes, but with this yummy liver and potato recipe, who needs to!