Dog in Simba the Lion King Costume. #lionking #disney

Everybody knows that a good costume can help to haul in the big candy-loot, but kids aren’t the only ones getting decked out this year. 20 million pet owners are expected to spend about ! If you have a pet that will cooperate with a game of dress-up, here are the top 10 most popular costumes this year based on what’s trending. Come on! Every dog mama and papa will be dressing their pups up for those canine selfies, online photo contests and social media! This is premium time for showing off (wo)man’s best friend dressed up in crazy and often hilarious costumes. Put all the other dog owners to shame with an amazing costume that will make your pup go viral.

Lion Dog Costume Poor Cookie, she's going to be subjected to this at Halloween....

I’m sorry to hear about the car accident I’m glad Brewsky is doing better. The Lion dog costume is definitely a hit a dog halloween costume parties. I even had my pup wear the costume when we were handing out candies and a few kids asked me if my pup was a baby lion 🙂

How to Make a Lion's Mane Dog Costume

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Wizard of Oz Lion Dog Costume size Small. $24.99, via Etsy.

Roar! Does your dog remind you of a wild animal sometimes? Give him a costume that suits his personality and make him a lion for Halloween. Via:

Lion Dog Costume for Dogs - Not so Cowardly Costumes

Well, we have this Lion Pet Costume. It will make your precious George into a wild lion. The kind that likes to have milk bones, and likes to snatch a tennis ball out of the air. He will be the cutest lion in on the plains (or in the neighborhood). Sure he may not like getting into it at first, but bribe him with treats like when you take him to the vet. Because who doesn’t want to see a dog as a lion? We do!Lion Dog Costume | FREE Shipping #dogcostume #dogs #costumes #dog #dogcostumes #smalldogs #largedogs #chihuahua #goldenretriever #cutedog #beautifuldog #liondogcostume #liondog #lioncostumeDog lion mane Halloween costumes. Have you ever thought about dressing your dog up as a lion? Imagine how much fun that would be! Halloween is coming soon.Imagine ones surprise when they see your dog dressed up like a lion! Are you hosting a costume party? Why not get a dogs lion costume and have your pet walking around looking like a lion. It is sure to get your guests talking and having a good time. There are lots of choices below.