"Lighted LED Glowing Dog Collars, harnesses and Leashes"

But I loved the LED glow. It can blink at a fast or slow pace, or be a steady glow. With winter coming on, I still felt it could be quite useful to us. And it was. We put it on Junebug for some walks after dark (since it gets dark at 5pm right now). Being that she’s our dog with the least amount of white on her, it made me feel better about her visibility. (We also carry a small flashlight and wear light colored clothing ourselves, but the dogs like to wander at the far end of their 6’ leashes.) Since we use harnesses for their walks, the fact that the collar was too big didn’t matter.

For big dogs or dogs that pull, how about a custom LED collar cover or clip-on safety light?

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"lighted LED Glowing Dog Collars, Harnesses and Leashes"

A L.E.D. collar for cats or small dogs with 3 light modes, break away clasp and bell. Keep your cat safe at night, be seen for up to 1000 feet away. Protect your dog at night with Brite-Strike’s lighted dog collar and leash. Originally designed for Police K-9, SAR and Upland Bird Hunting dogs, your dog can now be safer at night with this innovative new product. Like all of Brite-Strike’s products, our new dog collar and leash are manufactured to the highest standard with no detail overlooked. We use heavy duty reflective nylon stitching in our construction. They have a dual charging system, either solar or USB (USB Cable included). So weather you are out hunting or just walking the dog, they will be seen for up to 1 mile. Be seen and be safe applies to pets too!!

With this LED collar from OxGord, it doesn't matter

Dog Collar with LED Light Up............During Super Storm Sandy we had no power for 3 weeks. Night time you couldn't see your hands in front of your face. These collars came in handy with my 3 dogs. The glow of their collars gave me a sense of security knowing they were close to me. These Collars are made of Sturdy Nylon and plastic... (Collars should be removed when bathing)....

These Collars are excellent for the safety of your pets especially in the night time. Knowing your pet is near by offers comfort,and also make them visible to oncoming drivers or traffic.

push a tiny button once for slow blink, twice for quick blink or three times or solid light....has heavy duty link for id tag

Collars can be adjusted within the dog size

S 13 inches

M 15 inches

L 17 inches XL 19 inches...

Example:My 75lb Boxer Mix, 65lb Lab mix wear a Large and my 25lb hairy mutt wears a small snuggly or a med loose

Comes with (2) 2032 batteries installed...

You will love this item .........

LED Lighted Dog Collars - Dog-E-Glow