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Some people have success using Lickety Stik dog treats with their cats. Other cats have trouble licking the large rollerball, as their tongues work differently than dogs.

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PetSafe Lickety StikGive a Lick! The PetSafe Lickety Stik is a fresh, new, innovative, low calorie and exciting way to treat your pet that takes the mess out of rewarding your pet. It is a liquid treat-to-go in a special container with a roller-ball top that delivers just the right amount of delicious taste your dog will love. It is available in 6 tasty flav

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Ready for the sales? 47% Off! Get lickety stik flavored dog treat before it's gone. Lickety Stik dog treats are made with natural flavors, cultured milk, green tea extract and natural preservatives. There are three flavor varieties: Savory Chicken, Braised Liver, and Smoky Bacon. Show your pet that you "Give a lick"!

Lickety Stik Lickable Dog Treat - Bacon - Clean Run

Lickety Stiks. This is a relatively new training treat from Premier, and is a liquid treat in a roller-ball container sort of like a rabbit water bottle. It is very tasty and “lickable” while being very low in calories. It’s an excellent choice for dogs that need to learn new behaviors and lose weight at the same time.

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Ever heard of a liquid dog treat? I hadn’t, until I saw Lickety Stik at our local Pet Supplies Plus store. (Yes, even though I’m a retailer and able to buy everything wholesale, I still visit pet stores to see what they’re selling , and to buy anything that I need only one of, not a whole case.) Unfortunately Petsafe Lickety Stik Dog Treat is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. You can also explore other items in the , categories yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! PetSafe Lickety Stik Lickable Dog Treat! This lickable fog treat features a roller ball that dogs lick for a quick and handy treat. Great for Training. Travel Friendly so take anywhere you go. This Lickable Dog Treat has a roller ball that dispenses a flavored liquid that dogs are obsessed with. Every 10 licks is only a calorie, so perfect for keeping dogs healthy and away from those fatty treats. Each little bottle contains over 500 licks. Now you can always have a convenient dog treat with you at all time.Lickety Stik is a new, innovative way to provide a healthy, all natural snack for your dog. It is a treat-to-go in a special container with a roller-ball top. Lickety Stik delivers just the right amount of delicious taste that your dog will love.