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The Lexington Humane Society said the dogs were surrounded by mounds of feces and carcasses of dead dogs; with limited human interaction, food and water; and abandoned by their owner.

Hammond said the dogs were evaluated by veterinary staff upon arrival at the Lexington Humane Society late Thursday night.

"The great thing about the Lexington Humane Society is once an animal is adoptable, we keep them until they get a home," explained Dr. Liz Ubelhor, the on-site vet as she checked out some of the dogs.
Many who came from the suspected puppy mill have medical problems, such as bad teeth and general poor treatment.

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Now for eight of the dogs, the Lexington Humane Society is their first stop on their way to a second chance. Today, members of the Lexington Humane Society went to Whitley County to deliver supplies and pick up twelve dogs. They'd originally planned to take in twenty-two, but ten of those dogs have been adopted out. Spreitzer says she's seen tragedy like this before and she's not surprised so many people have stepped up.

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On Tuesday, April 4th the Lexington Humane Society will be bringing dogs and cats by from 11am-2pm to be loved on and hopefully find a new forever home.

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Some dogs rescued from a hoarding case at a home in western Kentucky are now receiving a second chance in Lexington. Lexington Humane Society officials say sixty dogs were seized from a home. Nine of them arrived in Lexington Tuesday afternoon. The other dogs were taken to animal shelters in Indiana and Ohio. Workers at the Lexington Humane Society say they're happy to help care for the dogs. Ah, everyone's favorite frozen yogurt - Orange Leaf - is teaming up with Lexington Humane Society to raise money for the animals. Meet adoptable dogs, have some froyo, and give back. See you at Orange Leaf (Fayette Mall location) July 2nd from 3:00 - 5:00.