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Bradley wears a custom made “,” made by Bold Lead Designs. While its intended purpose is to allow mobility assistance dogs to perform their duties, a leather pull strap made it possible for Bradley to guide. Since it is a mobility harness, we had to make some allowances for variation in handling techniques, in comparison to a guide dog working in a traditional guide harness.

This lightweight leather guide dog harness will surely provide you and your Great Dane with supreme comfort during your daily outings.

may also wear different harnesses, although not required by the . A may wear a special, custom designed harnesses that allow them to bear a small portion of their handlers weight so that the dog may offer balance assistance, counterbalance, bracing, and stability. These harnesses generally include a rigid metal bracing handle. Other assistance harnesses include light weight soft handles to allow for minor support. work in a specially designed guide harness which allows the dog to communicate properly with the handler while leading. A guide handle is different than a rigid mobility handle- generally a guide handle is slanted at an angle to allow for a more natural and comfortable hand position for the handler, and are not intended to bear weight. Custom harnesses for are generally (but not always) made of high quality leather and can range in price from $100-$600.

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Provide your Great Dane with this strong, durable and comfortable guide dog harness, made of super soft natural white leather. There are also . These models canbe nylon and leather. They provide help and support for the handlerdue to smart construction. Guide dogs work in a specially designedharness which allows the canine to communicate properly with thehandler while leading. This harness is a real pleasure for the dogowner as it is easy adjustable and can be put on/off quickly. Theadvantages of this supply is its hard steel control handle and easyremovable main handle. What is more, the harness comes withreflective stripes to increase visibility and provide safety for thehandler.

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The top-notch white nylon is non-stretch, water resistant and easy washable. The steel leather covered main handle of the harness is removable, that turns this guide harness into off-leash training tool. For simple using of the item it is equipped with convenient plastic buckle and metal quick release buckle. Removable reflective Velcro patches make your doggy's evening walks safer.

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Leather Guide Dog Harness with Soft Handle #labrador #dogharness #brown #leather #doggear #dogsupplies #dogaccessories #guidedog #assistancedog #servicedogAfter we finished a slew of shots in just the leather guide dog harness and the Powers That Be were pleased as punch with the results, Boomer got retrofitted to his newly introduced stiff leather guide dog harness when I slipped a large Har-Vest underneath and we snapped some more pics.Labrador Dog Harness on Assistance Pet #labrador #dogharness #brown #leather #doggear #dogsupplies #dogaccessories #guidedog #assistancedog #servicedogThis is my go to lead when working my service dog in harness. The length is absolutely perfect (the guide length) for both working and general walking. I love the leather, even with my lead only being 1/2 inch it’s still plenty sturdy enough for walking unruly shepherd pups. I’ve used this lead for everything from dogs to less ‘approved’ things as hauling things up and down hills.