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Just like humans, dogs will not feel comfortable sleeping alone in a large and empty house. Take this into consideration when you are contemplating this size of the home. Extra-large houses available on the market today are designed for extra-large dogs to feel comfortable, not for small dogs to have more space.

DIY outdoor dog beds for large dogs | Big Dog House. I want one for my boxers so bad!

11. – an extra large dog house perfect for big dogs and large breeds.
12. – a medium size plastic house, average design but cheap.
13. – often bought as cat house, but works for small dogs.
14. – a cheaper dog house that's a good alternative to above wood houses.
15. – sturdy dog crate that's often used as dog house or dog tent.
16. – another plastic dog house from Suncast; similar design but cheaper.
17. – a cheap, average quality dog tent.
18. – affordable and cute dog home slash dog bed for indoor.
19. – very stylish but less ergonomic wood dog house for cheap.
20. – very cheap, soft material made dog house.

DIY outdoor dog beds for large dogs | Big Dog House by dona

Extra Large Dog House made with 100% reclaimed materials. $999.00, via Etsy. Additionally, this dog home has an adjustable top for ventilation, so you can easily clean the house and ventilate for continued use. If you’re the pet parent of a larger dog breed, you know that a lot of great dog house companies don’t make options for larger dogs, which can be really annoying and make it difficult to find the best large dog home for your bigger pups.

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The extra large size option on this model makes it one of the best options for large dogs, ensuring you have all the great qualities of a top large breed dog house, while providing comfort and warmth for your large breed dog.

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Created by custom doghouse design artists at La Petite Maison, this $30,000 red clay-roofed manse is large enough to accommodate a human and comes complete with terra-cotta floors. Who's the lucky pooch that calls this humble abode home? This casa belongs to the pets of actress/model Rachel Hunter and is a scaled-down version of her California house. Price: $30,000.00.()Blue Collar Doghouse has one of the largest indoor/outdoor daycare facilities in the area. For part of the day or all day long, your dog can choose from a variety of canine diversions:Inspired by Bauhaus architecture, the spacious Cubix dog house is a hand-built contemporary abode for man's best friend. The Cubix dog house is designed and manufactured by the German company Best Friend's Home, and is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The Cubix dog house sells for $5,800-$6,300 depending on size.()Given a piece of plywood 150 cm x 300 cm, design a doghouse that can be made from the piece. Make your doghouse as large as possible. Show what your finished product looks like and give good enough information so that someone else could use your plans to build a house for their dog.