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I had been searching for the right dog bed(s) both online and in stores. I saw this bed on Overstock and read great reviews from happy customers. I really wanted a larger round bed because the shape and size fits in more easily to our bedroom where the dogs sleep. It's still big but takes up less room. I like the double sided fabric for different seasons. Our two dogs, one 90 lbs. and one 50 lbs. immediately settled into the beds without any hesitation. The beds work perfectly for both sizes of dogs. We are happy and so are the canine kids!

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This is an excellent dog bed for our extra large (8 months old, 110 pounds, Great Dane puppy). He loves the sofa and the bolster pillows on this bed mimic the "people sofa". It's certainly long enough and wide enough for him. Good support with the orthopedic pad, too. The cover is machine washable and it's made in the USA. It's a winner for us, all the way around!

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Fusion Large Round Dog Bed: Removable zippered slipcover woven from durable cotton twill Filled with a super-plush fiberfill For b the attractive - it comes in small, medium and large sizes and features Polyester fabric and an uncommonly unique design. they are very spacious, hold up well in the washing machine, and the bolsters make this round donut dog bed comfortable for dogs to lay their heads on to survey the room.

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Note: We didn’t have a completely round bed in this trial, but be aware that if you choose a round bed it must be large enough that the dog can sleep flat out as well as curled up.

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With a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from, looking for dog beds that offer style and comfort while featuring durable and washable fabric, can be overwhelming. Which bed will be the best fit for your specific dog? Some sites recommend that dogs who enjoy rolling around and sleeping on their backs, a standard large round or square pillow-type bed is an excellent option since these are soft, roomy and above all, spacious. However, for obese of seniors dogs a special orthopedic bed with firm foam construction will provide almost-custom support to the body. Some suggest that a nesting bed with sides is better for a small pup or for dogs that like to sleep in a curled up position. But these are all just suggestions. After all canine bed manufacturers want to have as many different canine bed designs as possible.You stuff our beds with, well, your own stuff. Old clothes, towels, and bedding create the perfect stuffing for our . By using your own items, not only is it easy to , it is scented with your dog’s favorite fragrance – you! A new large round dog bed from our store is sure to quickly become your pet’s favorite spot in the house.