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Want to cut your pup’s housebreaking time in half? That’s the promise of this single-door, large metal dog crate. It comes with a divider panel, to ensure proper sizing for small puppies that will grow into big adult dogs. What’s more, this folding kennel rolls in plenty of safety and security features, including slide-bolt latches, an ABS composite tray, and plastic handles for easy carrying. Includes a divider, to adjust the kennel’s size from puppy to adult.

*Note: For Larger dogs like Great Danes you may want to consider a modified or custom built kennel.

Plastic dog kennels are one of the more popular dog crate choices. Not only are they lightweight, easy to clean and economical, these crates typically come apart in three pieces for portability or cleaning. Smaller plastic kennels may have a handle on the top. Large kennels sometimes come with optional wheels to make traveling with big dogs a bit easier. Plastic kennels usually have a wire cage door on the front and holes or slats on the sides to let in light and air. Consider getting a dog bed

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Dog Kennels For Large Dogs - YouTube Sometimes, even big dogs need to squeeze into small spaces. Enter this compact, double-door large metal dog crate from Carlson: sporting an all-steel construction for durability, two-door design for convenience, a double-locking system for security and safety, and folding design for portability, this crate is perfect for in-home or outdoor use, as well as for car travel. The kennel folds flat and then locks in place, for easy storage.

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First things first: When it comes to large dog crates, size matters. Big pups have big needs, so it’s important you measure your dog’s exact dimensions and then choose a kennel accordingly. Too small, and your dog will be uncomfortable; too large, and it’ll be hard to house-train her.

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Portable kennels and carriers come in many varieties. Carriers for small dogs often resemble duffel bags with screening on the sides. Some small dog carriers even look like designer purses. Soft, portable kennels are also available for large dogs. These are often collapsible structures made of nylon or a similar material which can be perfect for camping or other travel.Turquoise distressed double indoor dog kennel. Our double kennels feature and inside center door that creates two separate spaces or open it up fir a large space for two or three dogs. This is a standard large double! Get a farmhouse look! Upgrade your wire kennels! It is furniture for your dog!!