Product - PET All Star 30-Count X-Large Puppy Pads.

Simple Solution also makes extra large puppy pads that are up to 60% bigger than other products from similar manufacturers. The larger size makes these pads perfect for house training a larger dog or a smaller breed. Smaller dogs can use the same pad multiple times throughout the day without that urine falling all over the floor. Neutralizing materials and an absorbent center ensure that the urine stays trapped inside each of these pads.

Product - ASPCA Extra Large Ultra-Absorbent Training Pads for Adult Dogs and Puppies, 50 count.

Housebreak your puppy the easy way with Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads Housebreaking Extra Large Pee Pee Pads! These jumbo-sized pads help you house train your large puppy or adult dog not to eliminate indoors on your carpeting or furniture, while helping to keep your home cleaner and more sanitary. Wee-Wee Extra Large Pee Pads are specially treated absorbent pee pads that attract your puppy like magic and cover more surface area than regular-sized pads. Puppies are attracted by the scent and readily learn to relieve themselves only on these heavy-duty and super absorbent puppy pee pads. By using these pads, you can help to reduce the number of indoor accidents and eventually prevent them from happening. Once your dog or puppy learns to relieve himself on these highly absorbent training pads, just keep moving the pee pads closer to the door, and then outside. Eventually, after giving it some time and patience, you will soon discover that you and your dog will not need the pads any longer as he will be housebroken. The easily disposable plastic lining prevents damage to floors, rugs, furniture and carpeting. These extra large pee pee pads are versatile in that they can be used for training or as an everyday alternative to the outdoors when pets are housebound. Widely, used by veterinarians in kennel cages, these extra large housebreaking pads are also ideal for households with multiple dogs.

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ValuePad PLUS 150 28x30 Large 72 gram Premium Dog Training Puppy Pads. Simple Solution Extra Large Dog Training Pads are 60% larger than standard pads with a six-layer construction that uses an advanced polymer technology to trap more urine and lock-in moisture, preventing runoff and messy tracking. Our dog pee pads have a powerful built-in attractant to help accelerate dog and puppy potty training and housebreaking. It’s another Simple Solution to make pet parenting easier.

The pet training pads come in a 200-count pack

Newspapers just don't hold up to potty training needs, and besides… most pups just don't see the humor in Peanuts. Large Lola Bean Pet Pads Quilted Pet Training Pads can handle leaks and spills from even the biggest dog in the building. They're perfect for large-breed puppies and older dogs who find it tough to make it outside in time. Sealed edges and the leak-proof backing keep floors and carpet clean, and the super absorbent pads make cleanup a breeze.

Kirkland Signature Absorbent Multipurpose Pads 100-Count