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One of the most common types of harnesses are the ones that hugs the chest. These are ideal for larger dogs and dogs that have a strong pull as it gives you greater control.


Just as many other harnesses, this one comes in many sizes. For this particular Puppia harness, all you need is to measure the chest girth and the base of dog’s neck. It’s worn through the neck. Then the bottom strap goes around the chest behind front legs and locked with a fastener. That way, the stress load from pulling is spread more evenly on larger surface of the body. Choose the size wisely because the neck part has a fixed diameter.

Good2Go Black Harness for Large Dogs

Stop-Pulling-Nylon-Easy-Walking-Dog-Harness-and-Leash-Set-for-Medium-Large-Dogs This no pull harness distributes the pressure points across the chest rather than the neck. It allows your puppy or dog to walk in a straight line. And, you can steer your puppy or dog by using the chest lead. Great for when you are trying to train your puppy or move and turn with you while walking. The Freedom No-Pull Harness, Medium will help train your puppy or dog to stay closer to you on walks. Plus, for extra durability it is made out of nylon webbing and reinforced stitching. Lined with velvet (strap that goes behind the legs), in order to prevent rubbing, sores, or chaffing from the straps which adjust for comfort and for size. Great for extra large breeds such as Mastiffs, or Great Danes. What size dog this isn’t good for? Toy breeds. There are no sizes for toy breeds, the smallest size is listed above. Highly recommended for dog owners who want more control over their dogs while walking and dogs who pull aggressively while walking.

Good2Go Red No Pull Dog Harness | Petco

This mesh harness works well for small and (perhaps medium) size dogs up to 20 lbs. It will work on moderate to aggressive pullers and is gentle enough to use for long walks in the park or on outings. It goes on easily (in one piece) which makes it perfect for a squirming puppy or high energy dog. Great for senior small to medium dogs as well, as the Canine Concepts No-pull Harness allows maximum movement and flexibility with the protection of Sherpa sleeves that go behind the legs. What size dog is this not for? Medium dogs over 20 lbs or over 12″ neck size, Large, X-Large.

Good2Go Red No Pull Dog Harness, Large

No-pull products can be a great investment if you’re struggling with an over-eager, unwieldy puppy or dog. There are actually several types of no-pull dog products, including harnesses, leashes, and collars. Some are ideal for large dogs, while others work best for puppies and toy breeds.Also known as no-pull dog harness. This front clip harness is characterized by a ring that the leash clips onto is located on the dog’s chest. This harness is more suitable for larger dogs with an urge to pull such as German Shepherd. Why? Because this harness doesn’t put a pressure on the front of the dog. When the dog pulls, the pressure is distributed evenly across the body.