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Resco invented this style of clipper in 1937, and they’ve been a favorite of vets and groomers ever since. These handy little devices will make short work of most small dog’s nails, but guillotine-style trimmers really aren’t made to handle the tougher, thicker nails of larger breeds.

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Epica has made a great set of grooming clippers which does an excellent job of your dog's nails. This dog nail clipper is very easy to work with, and the handle is comfortable to hold. Their design works best for dogs of medium to large size, and not suitable for small dogs. These dog toenail clippers are sharp enough to cut through anything, so just be careful when working with Epica.

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Zen Clipper Size #3 2.5mm hole. This is for larger cats, larger birds and very small dogs. For larger dogs, we recommend the . This larger style of scissor-type clippers will help you make short work of even the toughest dog nails, and they’re designed to make it harder to cut into the quick as time goes on.

Wider blade space makes clipping larger dog's nails easy

Guillotine nail clippers are preferred for smaller dogs with thinner nails (most guillotine clippers aren’t quick powerful enough to cut a large dog’s thicker nails). With guillotine clippers, a single blade comes down and slices off the end of your dog’s nail (similar to a guillotine). Guillotine clippers are easier to handle for those with hand pain or arthritis.

These clippers are majorly intended for large dogs.

• Nail clipper (large) with ergonomic hand grip
• Ideal for dogs & cats
• Easy to control for accurate clipping
• Precision and high quality stainless steel …Your choice of dog hair clippers is going to depend largely on what type of grooming you plan to do: Do you plan to just touch up your dog once a month? You can probably save a lot of money by choosing a less serious one. (like our #5 pick).• Nail clipper (large) with ergonomic hand grip
• Ideal for dogs & cats
• Easy to control for accurate clipping
• Precision and high quality stainless steel …Large Dog Trimmers – These nail clippers are identical to the Miller’s Forge Trimmers. They are simply thicker and stronger to cleanly clip large dogs stronger nails. This makes them clumsy for use on smaller dogs.Customers with bigger dogs also weighed in. Big dogs have more fur and surface area to cover than small dogs, so even if their coats aren’t as high maintenance as the smaller, poofier dogs, they’re still big determinants of whether or not the blade is going to hold up. The owners of larger dogs said that these pet hair clippers are a blessing—they run for a long time and don’t overheat, meaning that even though they have to cut through large swaths of dog hair, they’re very durable.Pet parents also had a lot to say about how long-lasting these best professional dog clippers were. The battery is extremely durable and doesn’t die easily. Also, even though the blade is delicate, customers with pets that are larger (e.g. horses) or have tough fur (one lady’s extremely fluffy cat) have said that the blade powers straight through without stopping. These electric clippers are extremely versatile, not just for what kind of pets it can clip, but for the jobs it can do.