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I saw the Kong Zoom Groom at my local PetsMart and saw that it claims to remove the loose undercoat like a magnet so I figured I give it a shot. I used it first on my short haired mixed breed dog and it seemed to do an OK job at collecting the hair on the brush instead of it going on the floor. The brush it's self if pretty comfortable to hold and is made of a rubber so it doesn't irritate my dogs skin like some brushes do. My dog normally doesn't really care for getting brushed but really does seem to love being brushed by the Kong Zoom Groom. I think it also massages your dog while you brush. I've found that the Zoom Groom is great to use when bathing your dog it helps to lather the shampoo into your dog's fur, not to mention it gets a lot of the loose hairs out of the coat. It's definitely become a main part of bath time with my dog. I did find that the Kong Zoom Groom doesn't really work as well with my long coated dog but that's OK because it's great for the short haired dog.

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The nice guys at KONG gave me two to try out for free because it’s a real hoot to have one in each hand and brush the dogs on both sides at the same time, using a circular motion or a typical brushing motion. [They have cat versions too that are smaller and (I think) feature softer rubber.]

Who knew a rubber curry would work so well?

KONG Zoom Groom Dog or Cat Grooming Shedding Rubber Shampooing Brush Wet or Dry | Pet Supplies, Dog Supplies, Grooming | eBay! I have a 13-month old Golden Retriever and decided to try out this Kong Zoom Groom when she hit about six months and I was looking for something that didn't have the piercing bristles. Well, this groom brush is definitely cute (I love the puppy dog face on it) and it is certainly more gentle than most of the wire bristle brushes on the market. My pup likes to be rubbed with it and sits or rolls over nicely when I take it out (which she doesn't do for her other brushes), but for a long-haired dog, it just doesn't really help with catching all the loose hairs. In fact, I've managed to get my pups hair a bit tangled when trying to pull this zoom groom through it. The rubber bristles (if that's what I should refer to them as) are strong enough (as everything Kong usually is), but the size is just too big to be effective at actually taking the place of a brush. I still use it on occasion, as it's comfortable to hold and my pup really does like the sensation, but I don't rely on it for actual hair removal or grooming.

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For a stimulating, massage-like grooming session, the KONG Zoom Groom rubber brush will please dog and owner alike. The tool attracts loose hair and massages as you brush, keeping your dog's coat sleek and clean.

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Green Dog Wash stocks a limited supply of Kong products that are made in the USA. One of Seven’s favorite toys is the Aqua Kong, which she will jump off docks to retrieve. We also stock the Kong Zoom Groom rubber brush. The Zoom Groom brush is excellent to use while bathing or when your pup is dry. It is gentle on the skin as it is made from recycled rubber. We use the Zoom Groom as our in-house scrub brush and provide for every bath.In case the KONG Zoom Groom isn’t available, I would recommend the . It also features rubber bristles that are ideal for removing dirt and loose hair from your dog’s coat. The rubber bristles are specifically molded to stimulate the production of natural oils, which will help promote the health of his skin and coat. This brush is only for short and medium coats – it should not be used on dogs with long hair.