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I never have fed my current dogs anything less than a 3 star food, when my mom's dog became allergc we switched them all to Blue Buffalo. Then I read such good things about Kirkland and I switched mine.

Symptoms of Kirkland kibble allergies can manifest in a variety of ways in each dog. The most common food related allergy symptoms include

Nothing but good results for my 2 Leonbergers, who have been on it for 2 and 5 years, respectively. Stopped the hot spots and other allergies the older fellow was showing as a pup when we fed Kirkland Premium kibble. We tried other two-ingredient foods that cost twice as much, but switched to ND when it first showed up at our local Costco. No gastric problems. Surprised to hear of other dogs having problems, but each dog really is an individual.

Maybe your dog is allergic to yeast

my google search for We gave been purchasing natures domain dry food, salmon/sweet potato blend for about 3 years and have been happy with the product. We started purchasing it once we found that one of our labs was having poultry allergies. The last 2 bags that we purchased in December of 2014 have made our dogs sick with diarrhea. We are not happy about this. I'm thinking that Kirkland has changed their formulas. It may be time to find another brand.

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We have feed our two dogs, Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd, the Kirkland Lamb & Rice dog with no ill effects for five plus years prior to stopping in October 2014. In late Sept. our dogs started itching to the point of constant and uncontrollable. We ruled out fleas, then switched to possible food allergies. In late October we transitioned to Taste of the Wild dog food (same manufacturer, Diamond, but grain free). The itching gradually subsided and is basically gone on the new food. We have two cats that have been fed Kirkland Cat Food for five plus years and switched them to Chicken Soup for Cat Lovers Soul pet food in November 2014. One of the cats had started developing a bare patch on his rump in Sept./Oct. and after switching food the patch has cleared up with no other treatment or changes. I used to love Kirkland brand pet foods but now cannot recommend them at all.

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