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In October of 1983 these enthusiasts formed the S.A.C.C. (Società Amatori Cane Corso). The common intentions of rescuing the race were the basis for the forming of the SACC, which suffered its first shock in 1986 when Dr. Breber abandoned the society. This fact has little resonance at the time as the group was not well known and lived on the edges of dog-fancying officialdom. This was a determining factor in the future direction of the race as was the contribution of the man who was among the first to contribute to the new interest in the race and who provided the dogs for the first litter: Basir the model for the standard of the race was the son of Dauno and Tipsi, two dogs chosen by Dr. Breber. When Dr. Breber left the SACC centered itself around the kennels in Mantova run by Giancarlo Malavasi with the entire breeding program of the race and the running of the SACC in the hands of Stefano Gandolfi, Gianantonio Sereni and Ferdinando Casolino. The need to move the breeding program forward at all costs become the justification for centralized running of the association which was not very democratic and often object of not positive chattering. For these reasons the SACC, two vice-presidents from different times stand out, Mr. Oreste Savoia and Dr. Flavio Bruno. In this period it must be highlighted that the activities of the SACC for the recognition of the Cane Corso were carried out with energy and appreciable results. Unfortunately the same cannot be said from the dog fanciers point of view because the level of quality of the litter thrown by Basir in 1980 were never repeated and the subjects produced, appeared and today still appear distant from the desired model and show considerable variation. In that period the SACC successfully organized dog fanciers meetings with the scope of making the race known and allow the judges of the ENCI to carry out tests and measurements.

This is the type of dog we are looking into...a blue brindle Cane Corso

Corsos are not demonstrative, but they enjoy “talking” to their people with “woo woo woo” sounds, snorts, and other verbalizations. cane corso dogs 101

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cane corso puppies are working dogs who need lots of mental and physical stimulation. The Cane Corso originates from southern Italy, only known there until 1988, and is a close relative of the Neapolitan Mastiff. These muscular, athletic dogs are calm, even tempered, and easy to train. They form close attachments to their owners. They are very loyal and willing to please. Historically, this breed was used as a skilled watchdog and large-game hunter, hunting such animals as wild boars and cougars. The Cane Corso was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2010. This large breed needs lots of exercise and loves taking long walks. They need very little grooming, just occasional brushing.

dog fight cane corso King x cane corso Mana

I too have rescued an abused cane corso. I knew what I was getting myself into as she came from a drug dealer who was breeding her just to get the money from selling the pups. She had NO social skills and was kept in a basement the first year and half of her life. I’m not going to say it’s been an easy road. I’m an experienced dog owner and she pushes me but she is worth it. This breed must be given jobs and stimulated. Mine loves agility. I agree that this is not a pet dog, this is a hobby. You must spend time with and work this breed. I pray in a year she will be the wonderful dog I know she can be. My only goal was to help her be as mentally healthy and whole as possible. We are well on that road working with two wonderful trainers and taking many classes. If you don’t have the time or money to spend on them, don’t get this breed.

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