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Mud Bay is carrying a new raw product from K9 Natural Dog Food. This product is freeze dried and comes from New Zealand. Would be very interested in reading your comments.

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Hello All, i wanted to post my comments on this food from a breeders perspective. I raise and show collies who also compete in agility and herding. we feed the honest kitchen Embark and augment with Nature’s Variety Raw frozen and Instinct kibble to increase protein, fat and calories. I have tested K9 Natural – small taste test – and researched the food. while I agree this is a good food, with great ingredients it is priced prohibitively for the multi large dog home. we consider ourselves to be on the cutting edge of nutrition for our dogs and we don’t skimp or use poor quality foods but there was no way we could afford over $1000 a month for food for our 8 dogs. The Honest Kitchen has a great breeders program and NV’s raw frozen foods are excellent quality – we have tested that food for over 5 years with our population of show cats with great results.

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K9 Natural Raw Frozen Dog Food - Chicken Feast Hi Gordon, and every one else who is adding to this string of blogs, we do listen, we will change the points people have raised and we are doing so, overnight is not an option we are a small company but you will see change with our new packaging etc as I mentioned earlier. The situation down here in NZ is simple, Nature has the ultimate say and I for one will not argue with that. Just as I will not keep justifying what nature feeds it animals. Our eyes tell us, your eyes tell you, when you feed your cat or dog you should use them to gauge the amounts, not a feeding guide or a scientist. For those that want the perfect food happy hunting I hope you find it. For those that want the perfect solution then again let me know if you succeed. If you also want the perfect service and feeding guidelines these are yet to be found and written. I mentioned we have drawn pictures on our new packaging and we have for the feeding amount and the way your pet should look. If you need to count the cost of feeding your dog then I understand that. If you need to price your own food budget to the same degree, I also understand that too and I do not judge you for that. So depending on everything I have mentioned in my previous responses my food will be fed to those that can afford it and wish to trust their instincts. I have told my team to stop writing on this blog, as we have at the moment thousands of satified consumers in over 19 countries, with dogs that need my food to keep reaching them. My teams families are my main concern they are my focus and I do not need them replying to these comments as well as trying to keep the food supplies reaching those that need it. We are a small company and unable to change everything overnight given time we will. So feed as you wish, be it K9 or anything else for that matter.
Just make sure it is as close to nature and not from feedlot animals, injected with HGP, antibiotics in the feed, or cloned Animals. BSE free, free range, grass fed, not on GM grass either…. do I need to go on? Or should i just say from NATURE.

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Place the recommended amount of K-9 Kraving frozen raw diet dog food in the refrigerator prior to serving ensuring food is completely thawed prior to feeding.

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