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If a company is forthright about it before it happens and you have this information before accepting, it’s not on them to change their culture in case people insist on accepting jobs as if they are okay with the dogs when they really aren’t.

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Dog lovers who appreciate beauty, poise, and dignity may want to consider jobs working with show dogs such as being a show handler or judge. This type of career requires patience, a good eye for detail, and a strong bond between the person and their dog.

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News4 loves dogs with jobs. The people the dogs serve told us they are endlessly impressed by the animals' devotion and ability to learn. Dogs with jobs is a remarkable book sure to warm the heart of all dog owners, fanciers, and admirers. The simple, straightforward presentation shines a bright light on the wonderful relationship that develops between individuals of two different species for the benefit of both. A book for families to share, it is a joy to read for adults, teenagers, and children alike

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Pack, prey, defense, and flight drives play a part in a dog’s adaptation to various jobs. Strong prey instinct is necessary for police dogs, detection dogs, hunting dogs, and herders, while a strong defense drive is necessary for guard dogs. Dogs with strong pack drives are well-suited for work as search and rescue dogs and service dogs for their highest pleasure is working with someone who will pet and play with them. Dogs with high flight drive are poor candidates for any type of work. The book is divided into sections: Search and Rescue and Detection Dogs; Herding Dogs; Performance Dogs; Sled Dogs; Service Dogs; and Eco Dogs that protect the environment.

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Work with domestic animals as a or Veterinary Tech. Prepare dogs to help people with disabilities as a . Or walk on the wild side to protect animals’ health as a . And this is only a tiny glimpse of the wide world of animal jobs! Being a veterinarian is one of the most popular jobs that lets you work with dogs, but it is not always the best choice for a soft-hearted dog lover. Veterinarians often have to make difficult decisions with ill or injured animals, which might make other jobs working with dogs a better choice. There are many jobs working with dogs that can be perfect for a dog lover to try. Whether you're looking for a simple job to be more involved with dogs or if you want a dog-oriented professional career, there are many options to choose from. However, if you understand that the dogs innately and instinctually NEED a job, you will recognize how important it is for you to provide your dog with specific job responsibilities. Our dogs are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthier and happier when they fulfill a “sense of purpose”. Even your couch potato will benefit from having defined jobs in your home. We recognize this need for people in our lives and we need to come to that same realization with our dogs.