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We can’t forget our furry family members during the holiday season! Some tasty treats will be very well received. Isle Of Dogs is known for their natural grooming products, developed by an owner of champion show dogs looking for products that would cleanse her dogs coats without damaging them. The brand also now offers utritionally superior food, treats and supplements to promote wellness and beauty from within. I love knowing that their products are made here in the US with the goal of supporting a balanced and happy life for dogs of all ages and sizes. Here’s a complete product description.

Here is what Isle of Dogs says about their treat line that focuses on healthy joints:

I Try so hard to find good treats for Toby and Caesar i always worry what they have in them. Thanks so much to you I know what Brand to look for in their treats too! They do sound delicious and pure. Isle of Dogs Products ROCK!

Isle of Dogs Chillout Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, 7 oz.

Jack would like the Isle of Dogs 100-Percent Natural Joint Dog Treats. For Isle of Dogs offers all-natural treats made from whole food sources including grains, fruits, vegetables and herbs with NO synthetic vitamins, fillers or additives. They offer four product lines, each of which offers treats that address your dog’s unique needs:

Isle of Dogs Natural Joint Soft Dog Treats, 7 oz.

What did I like about the Isle of Dogs’ Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner? The Isle of Dogs’ shampoo and conditioner is sulfate and paraben free and has added keratin in it. Keratin is a protein that helps to strengthen hair, add shine, and build volume. I did notice that Gracie’s coat had extra volume and shine after using the Isle of Dogs’ shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner also helped to loosen up her undercoat so that I was able to brush it out more easily. The scent is described as violet and sea mist, which I thought smelled very nice and refreshing. I noticed the scent lasted for several days too!

Isle of Dogs Training Dog Treats

Isle of Dogs Chillout treats for dogs are formulated with a nutritious combination of organic apples, organic carrots, flaxseed and whole rolled oats, this Chill out treat is a delicious way to reciprocate your dog's love. Also added into this mix of whole food-based ingredients is a lovely blend of high quality gourmet flavorings - lavender, lemon balm and French Vanilla.For starters, all Isle of Dogs treats are made in the U.S.A. with 100% natural ingredients. They are also gluten, wheat, soy and corn free – making them ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies.Isle of Dogs is a company that prides themselves on creating healthy products for dogs (and they have a ). I researched the company and was pleased with the listed ingredients on their dog treats in particular. Did my dogs like them? You'll have to read below or watch the video to find out!It’s always difficult to see your dog in pain. Whether age, injury or a breed trait, dogs experience bone and joint deterioration just like humans do. Isle of Dogs developed natural dog treats to address these issues. Complete with nutrient-rich ingredients as well as glucosamine and chondroitin, which are parts of normal cartilage, our dog treats are formulated to help support joint and bone health and reduce inflammation.