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Heating and cooling accounts for 50-70% of the energy costs for the average home. Dog doors haven’t changed much over the years and an insulated dog door that seals airtight is long over due. Installing an insulated dog door is a simple way to save.

Step 1: Remove inside door panels, insulation and the doghouse floor.

Our selection of extreme hot and cold climate pet doors includes dual flap Ruff Weather doors, made by Ideal Pet Products, double Endura flap pet doors, winner of the Dog Fancy Editor's Choice Award and our totally weatherproof POWER PET, Fully Automatic, Air-Tight pet doors. All choices may be installed in doors, walls or sliding glass patio doors. Dual flap doors work by creating an air lock between the flaps that serves as an excellent insulator against drafts. Additionally, the quality manufacturing of the ideal and especially the Endura flap doors is unsurpassed. For the absolute best insulated door that will save energy and remain air tight even in hurricane force wind, we recommend the Power Pet model because its bulletproof polycarbonate door panel is the only one that is hermetically sealed to achieve zero drafts even in the most severe storms.

Available in a wide range of sizes to suit most dog breeds

dog house for two | Custom Large Heated Insulated Dog House with Porch & Pet Doors ,Open ... An electronic unit is thought by many to be more 'safe' that other versions or models of pet doors. This is a huge myth. Electronic pet doors control the access of pets, they are not designed to be a deterrent to criminal behavior. If the main the reason for an electronic pet door is criminal protection, then you are much better off choosing a pet door with a beefy and strong security panel that you manually lock off the pet door. Be aware that 99% of pet doors with a slide in locking panel are not considered to be 'safe' for this concern. There is only one model on the market that features a strong enough security panel to deter criminal behavior, the MaxSeal by Security Boss. All of the MaxSeal Pet door models include a half inch insulated, rugged, baseball bat proof locking panel. There are the only pet door we have found that would enable a customer to go on vacation, leaving their home vacant, without the worry of access through the pet door into the home. All other models have a thin plastic or tin locking panel that can give way with a solid kick. Given some of these electronic parameters, one should consider if they really indeed need an electronic pet door. Youwill see that pet doors are basically broken down into two majorclasses of doors. That would be Manual (Flap design) or Electronic(Controlled access). The Manual pet doors (Specifically the dual flapdoors) are your better sealing and insulating pet doors. Single flapdoors are used in situations where an insulating effect is notwarranted. Electronic Pet doors control the access of pets and in afew doors are designed to keep out other animals. Pay close attentionto the notes and descriptions we have on these doors as thiscontrolling action does vary. Most dog owners find that they do nothave issues with other animals that enter a pet opening. Dogs inparticular are territorial and do not entertain sharing their petdoor. All to close off the pet opening. Most will lock off the dog door atnight or when away.

This DIY Dual Flap Dog Door Keeps The Weather Out - Lifehacker

Four generations of my family have endured jokes about the wind in the valley we call home. This winter has been especially blustery and drafts coming thhrough our old dog door could be felt two rooms away. I hated to spend so much on a new dog door from a manufacturer I had never heard of but the Freedom Pet Pass lives up to every claim on the website. It seals tightly and I have not seen or felt the wind open it yet our miniature schnauzer navigates through it with ease. It is a very well made product with a great design and is worth every penny. Finally our dog door is a match for the extra insulation, Energy Star Windows, compact fluorescent lighting and ground source heat pump we have installed to improve our energy efficiency. I recommend it without reservation.

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