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Keep your chilly pet warm and cozy with the K&H Pet Products Igloo-Style Heated Pad & Cover. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the half-round shape and fleece cover delivers soothing warmth while the internal thermostat is preset to warm to your dog or cat’s natural body temperature. It’s ideally suited for use in the kennel, doghouse, garage, porch or wherever else your pet prefers to sleep. The ABS plastic exterior of the pad is a breeze to keep clean with a damp cloth. The fleece cover removes easily and can be machine washed.

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Since ours aren't using these for actual cold weather use, we have another house we use for rain/wind, etc and it's the regular barnhome type house ($5, same place, not sure of actual brand name - I didn't look it up). My female GSD's are 99% indoor dogs, so they don't really ever use the dog houses in the kennel. My Malinois and male GSD both prefer the igloo. Infact, the mali will try to argue with my GSD about getting in the igloo but he always loses (he's a small mali, just under 60 lbs, and my GSD doesn't take any crap from him because the mali is still just a pup yet at 15 mo old). Point being, they both prefer the igloo over the other house. Maybe because it's more den like, warmer, not really sure why. Like I said, they aren't out there in the dead of winter. So thus far, they both prefer it even when it's just raining.

2 Pet Mate- Indigo Igloo Dog Kennels for sale

Indigo Igloo Dog Kennel - Medium - Pawsify We are thinking about purchasing an Indigo Igloo Dog House for when she gets older. *Can anybody advise what size of kennel she would need?? Also does anybody know of a cheap website that we can purchase it from?? We are living in Ireland and the prices are scandelous!!

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