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While Byron recognizes that incontinence often lands dogs in shelters, she's also been impressed by the commitment of the owners of dogs she treats. In one case, a male Dachshund, the owners tried PPA. It did not help. Testosterone treatment, which often works in males as estrogen does in females, only prompted him to start marking in the house. Collagen injections worked, but only for a short time. Their solution?

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I find myself surprised how frustrating, time-consuming, and icky having a totally incontinent dog (for months on end, with no resolution in sight) can be. I wish I could only focus on Lilly’s strength and recovery, but I cannot. Here is a recap of the diaper options we’ve tried.

We like the Simple Solution Washable Diapers (pictured right):.

How to Deal with Incontinence in Older Dogs: Solutions & Products to Help. Finding the best products to keep Sophie dry was an ongoing problem that needed to be solved. Recently I was introduced to Catherine Whiteman who is the founder of Blankets In Bloom. Catherine likes to find solutions to problems and she’s developed a beautiful and washable waterproof blanket for incontinent dogs.

Great for managing senior dog incontinence.

The biggest struggle we found with dog diapers in regards to fecal incontinence is that the tail hole is too large or structured in a way that they provide no “hold” for accidents! It took a lot of trial and error but we finally found a solution that works for us.

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With so many cleaning solutions available now, purchase or make a natural and odorless product out of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water. Keep a spray bottle nearby, and clean and sanitize the area immediately after accidents. When cleaning up accidents, keep the mood light and bring your incontinent dog outdoors, so she doesn’t slip on wet flooring. As you’re cleaning up, remember it’s not her fault. 🙂Depending upon what your vet discovers, an array of incontinent dog solutions are available at their disposal. It is not advised to implement your own incontinent dog solutions without first consulting a vet or doing it under their supervision.