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Our mini Australian Shepherd had scratching and spotting issues from the get go. Of course we bought him the most expensive food on the market and tried different brands and the results did not change. The vet said it was probably allergies but to what he could not say for sure. Someone we know mentioned IAMS sensitive naturals so we tried it. Riley immediately responded and he has had no problems since. It was miraculous. We then adopted a smooth-coated Border Collie who I again started on the expensive Puppy food (owner guilt). Although her problems were not as bad has Riley's, she also had itching and spotting problems. Naturally I switched her over to the Sensitive Naturals food and it immediately cleared up. As an owner I want to give my dog the best and somehow I equate that with most expensive. They are not the same. So many owners have told me about their dog allergies and I always steer them to Sensitive Naturals. Since Riley cleared up completely I have tried the Naturals chicken with barley which he tolerated as well. I am very happy with this product line.

Judging by its ingredients alone, Iams Sensitive Naturals looks to be a below-average dry dog food.

If your dog suffers from allergies from certain foods, then Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish, Rice & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food just may be the right food for your sensitive pooch. This healthy food for dogs is made just for the special canines that react to ingredients often found in other foods. High quality protein from vitamin-rich ocean fish and high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids helps make Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish, Rice & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food a delicious and nutritious meal time treat. This healthy dog food is never made with corn, wheat, soy, meat by products, or chicken, so your dog's chance of reaction is lessened. Also, Iams Sensitive Naturals Ocean Fish, Rice & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food is enhanced with the antioxidant vitamin E from tomatoes and pea for immune health, plus beet pulp and FOS, a natural prebiotic, help your dog digest his or her food easily and comfortably.

IAMS Sensitive Naturals Adult Ocean Fish + Rice Recipe

The Iams Sensitive Naturals dog food product line includes just one kibble… claimed to meet  for adult maintenance. Your dog will have a much healthier digestive tract and far better overall health if he’s not exposed daily to only one food and I can almost guarantee that you’ll be setting yourself up for lots of problems if you only feed him the Iams Sensitive Naturals. The product is a grain heavy food with lots of filler and not to mention, fish-based to boot. It’s recommended that humans can safely eat fish three to four times weekly to avoid exposure to unsafe levels of mercury ~ so why would your dog be safe eating only fish?

IAMS® Sensitive Naturals™ Adult Ocean Fish + Rice Recipe.

* Contains one (1) 17.2-lb. bag of IAMS Sensitive Naturals Adult Dog Ocean Fish and Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food
* Real fish is the #1 ingredient in our hearty dog food
* Our sensitive stomach dog food is specially formulated with easy-to-digest ingredients for adult dogs with food sensitivities
* Our wholesome dog food features a rich blend of vitamins and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system
* IAMS Sensitive Naturals Adult Dry Dog Food is made without using artificial flavors, colors or preservatives

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