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One of the major problems with pet ownership is piles of pet hair everywhere. Pet hair is more than an annoyance. A hair filled environment presents a hygiene problem and is unhealthy for anyone with allergies. At Pet Suites, our trained Shed-RELIEF Technicians follow a six-step treatment process using specialized Shed-RELIEF products and tools. The treatment includes a thorough brushing with the best brushes and combs for each pet’s particular coat type, and a Hydrosurge Pet Bath with special shampoos and conditioners to moisturize the skin and coat. To complete the process, an anti-shedding solution is applied. You will really notice a difference in the reduction of pet hair on your furniture and clothing. Try it—you’ll love it. (Available for Dogs and Cats)

Hydrosurge Ultra Clean Shampoo, Tangerine Scent 1 Gallon is effective in getting the dirtiest of dogs clean without stripping the coat of essential oils

The hydrosurge bathing system mixes water with shampoo in a spray that deeply penetrates the coat and washes away the dirt. Excellent bathing system for dogs.

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The only way I can really get my dog clean is to use the shampoo straight out of the bottle and only use the hydrosurge to rinse Hydrosurge is a unique system for bathing dogs while providing a vigorous but relaxing massage. The hydrosurge penetrates the coat for a thorough cleaning with a handheld massage sprayer that combines water and shampoo. The spray action enhances the effectiveness of shampoos, dips, and conditioners. The hydrosurge removes loose hair, dead skin, and other debris while providing an invigorating massage your pet will love.

HydroSurge® Oatmeal Soothing Shampoo (18oz.) ..

Hydrosurge offers a major breakthrough in pet bathing technology. In 1983, Dr. Robert Loeb created a prototype that used a vigorous spray of water that incorporated medicated shampoo solution to penetrate the thick coat of his dog, Keesha, to reach her affected skin. This became the original prototype of Hydrosurge. He pursued its development by consulting veterinarians and other pet professionals. The machine was so successful with treating skin conditions that he began his work modifying the appliance to also be compatible in the professional pet bathing industry.

HydroSurge® All Purpose Nourishing Shampoo (18oz.).

The first recirculating system marketed for groomers was the popular Hydrosurge. Diluted shampoo is applied directly to a dry dog, which is a huge timesaver. Since the shampoo is very dilute, it’s also quicker to rinse. An inch of water in the bottom of the tub has shampoo concentrate added to it and the water/shampoo combination is sucked into a pump and out a short hose with a sprayer head on it. The water and soap rinses off the dog and is pulled through the pump again.Hydro-Surge bathing is a unique, effective and therapeutic solution to pet bathing. This bathing system uses a completely hands-free approach. By combining both water and shampoo or conditioner at the same time the specially designed nozzle exuberates the right amount of water pressure to massage the dog's skin while deep cleaning the dog's coat.