I have seen dogs get their jaws stuck in the larger mesh crates

A Siberian Husky has almost managed to escape from the pet hospital that shelters it in east China's Jiangsu Province. Surveillance video shows the dog pried the cage door open with its tongue and teeth. The sled-puller then started to work on the room door, but it was protected by a password. The persistent dog quickly took the more forceful approach of tearing down the door, spooking the cats in nearby cages. After unsuccessful attempt the dog opened another two cages to let out two large dogs.


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Crate Training Your Siberian Husky Many people feel it is cruel to crate a puppy or a dog. All those negative associations about cages and zoos and such.

"We call the husky one of 'the three stupid sled dogs,' and it is the dumbest. Very few of them can open cages. The whole thing was totally unexpected," Cao said.

Which Dog Crate Is Best For Your Dog

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Crates are basically dog cages. They may seem inhumane, I mean, we wouldn’t put our kids in cages, right? But in the case of Huskies they’re perfectly acceptable. The mindset of a Husky is that they enjoy resting in tight enclosed spaces, for some reason they associate that with comfort and safety. Getting a Husky a crate is like getting them their own personal crawlspace, they’ll love it. Be mindful though not to leave them in the crates for too long.

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