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How often do you stand up from your couch, only to find clumps of dog hair stuck to your clothing? (And have you noticed how much they love to jump on you when you’re wearing black?) Putting a stop to dog shedding would be nice – but isn’t entirely realistic. The good news is, there are many simple, natural methods to help minimize dog shedding in your home:

Apr 12, 2017 - From our friends at Dog's Best Life: How to stop your dog from shedding

There are special combs made for heavy shedding dogs. If you have ever questioned how to stop a dog from shedding, a de-shedding comb is the answer. These amazing combs can rid your dog of more fur than you imagine. Look for a brush called Furminator for dogs that shed heavily.

Shedding dogs can be frustrating

If you are wondering how to stop a dog from shedding, there are several things that you can do, but remember that is simply a natural function of the pet. Jack Russell terriers are small, highly intelligent and active dogs that tend to be more at home in the fields hunting prey than on your couch watching soap operas with you. As the owner of a Jack Russell you may have noticed that your dog is everywhere, and everywhere he goes he leaves a dusting of fur behind. You will not be able to stop your Jack Russell from shedding. He needs to shed to maintain a healthy coat. You can, however, manage your dog's grooming and control the amount of fur you have to lint roll off your clothing each morning.

This will stop the shedding almost instantly

, , and , among others, are heavy shedding dogs and will always shed somewhat. In fact, all but a few breeds of dog will shed. No matter how much brushing or bathing you do, your dog is going to shed. What you can do is stop some of that fur from hitting your floor and sticking to your furniture.

Dog Shedding a Lot? Solutions to Keep Your Home Fur Free

Dog shedding is a complete nightmare. Even with the best vacuum cleaner and non-stop working, we still can’t get rid of all those hairs floating all around your house every few hours. You may have similar experience and yearn to hear the answer from the question: “How to stop dog shedding?”We cannot stop our dogs from shedding; however, we can do several things to keep stray hair to a minimum. As well, if your dog sheds excessively, it may be anindication that his skin is not as healthy as it should be. Supplementing the diet with essential nutrients could also prevent dog hair loss. Foods containing omega 3 fatty acids help improve skin quality leading to less shedding. Specific enzymes are also important for promoting healthier skin by regulating the sebum glands. However, the digestive system of a dog often has difficulty absorbing essential enzymes. Enzyme supplements are a better source and absorb more easily. A dog that scratches often or continues to shed all year could suffer from an enzyme deficiency. A good enzyme supplement helps replace essential enzymes and help stop dog shedding.Shedding is one of the worst parts of dog ownership, especially if you are a person who likes a neat and tidy home. Unfortunately, shedding is part of the equation when you welcome a into your life. Shedding dogs aren’t dropping their hair to upset you; it’s simply a natural function of the animal. If you are wondering how to stop a dog from shedding, there are several things that you can do.