So how to make/ a dog ramp super fast and cheap? Here's how I did it in merely minutes...and the good news is Hannah didn't even hesitate getting into the truck on the first try! You will only need a few supplies and a few minutes to put it together...promise!

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[…] as a pet playground. If your pet cannot get up the ladder, you can make a dog ramp. Here is a tutorial on how to make a doggie ramp. Now that I have shared 7 Pet Owner Gift Ideas, what are your gift […]

A PET RAMP FOR BOO Pet ramps are expensive

how to make dog stair for bed | Puppy Stairs pet steps and ramps give animals the boost they need to ... Once you learn how to build a dog ramp, you may also want to tackle . The ramp can help your pet in and out of the house and car but steps may work better inside your home. Steps to reach the bed, sofa, or certain areas in your home make it easier for your dog to move around while being more compact than a ramp.

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We have a two story house and five dogs and a cat. My son has two of the dogs in his bedroom which overlooks the backyard. Every time his dogs need to go out, they have to go through the house which causes the cat to get freaked out. I found a window door that I could order so his dogs can go through the window onto a deck (4x4) and down a ramp to another deck (8x4) and down another ramp into the backyard.

I do not want to make it a permanent ramp/exit, nor do I want it to cost a fortune since my son may move out and I don't want to have this set up forever. Also, we live in a subdivision where everything needs to be approved if it is permanent. I just want a simple solution, however, no one is willing to help me with a design that is not necessarily permanent and approved by the city and all that good stuff.

The total height to my son's window is 18 feet down. Is there a simple solution or do you know of a kit to put together a double temporary ramp. I would appreciate any advice you can give me since my own family won't help.


In our opinion, there is no simple DIY solution as far as building something like this goes. You are looking at quite an expense in materials to build something safely. We would recommend you consult with a professional designer and your local planning department.

Since you believe your son is not going to be there permanently, it might be best to require that the dogs be leashed each and every time they go through the house (your house; your rules). The cat should quickly realize that the dogs are being controlled. An alternative would be to make sure the cat is placed behind a closed door.

Hope this helps!

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