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Water fountain or water dispenser for cat, dog and pets. Automatic dispenser.
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If you are looking for a water fountain or a drinking trough for your dog, cat or pet.
You will find here a DIY solution (it will not cost you anything), for free you will make a water fountain for your pets. You will learn how to do a DIY or tinker with a tank system with self filling for your dog or cat.

The amount of water will depend on the bottle you are going to use : 0.50 liter, 0.75 liter, 1 liter, 1.5 liter or 2 liter.

You will simply need:
- a bottle
- a 5-liter can
- a pair of scissors
- a cutter
- a drill with a small drill bit
- bi-component resin

You can not always check if your dog, your cat or your pet has water available.
In a few simple steps, you are going to have a bowl of water that you only have to fill from time to time.

It's super easy !

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How to make a cheap water dispenser from a 5 liter plastic bottle for your dog or

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Build your own 5 gallon dog auto-feeder

I decided to show you how to make a water dispenser, for your cat your dog or your pets. Here's a quick and easy hack on how to use a water dispenser bottle to make a multi cat, dog or pet watering station that self fills. Only a few modifications are needed to make it easy to use. Your pet will have water for days without you having to constantly fill it. A video at the start and end make it easy to see how it's done.

Self Filling Water Bowl: 5 Steps

This is a water bowl for dogs or cats