Heat your dog house with a light bulb, without light in dog's eyes.

Strong hands and exceptional do it yourself skills. The pop - rivet tool that is sold on this site broke after about 15 rivets....luckily I live 2 blocks from home depot. You will need a good pop rivet tool to complete this job. The hound heater is a great heater; however I mounted it exactly per the instructions and it has begun to melt a bit of the plastic surround that lines the inside the house...two small one inch areas. It keeps my 120 pound dog so cozy....I don't really care about the plastic liner. My dog has destroyed his fair share of items, but doesn't seem to be able to get a good enough grip on the heater or the thermostat as of yet to destroy them. My only criticism on the house is I would've liked the door to be a little larger. He took a little training to get him to want to scrunch up going in and out. Overall, you'll love this house. Allow about 5 hours to assemble.

K-9 Kondo Comment: I spoke to the customer and let them know that we were refunding their money for the defective pop rivet tool. I also explained that the warped plastic liner was a result of improper heater installation. The heater was installed using the generic instructions from the manufacturer for doghouses with wood walls placing the heater baffle directly above the Hound Heater. When attached to closely the baffle will conduct heat into the wall distorting the plastic. We include a notice with all of heaters informing the customer to disregard the "generic" instructions and refer to those found on our website. We now include a copy of the website instructions in every heater.

How to Heat a Dog House in the Winter – Keeping your Pekingese Warm All the Way

The question is, for you the pet dog owners have you prepare what your dog needs, especially when winter comes? Some things that you should consider as; how your dog’s fur, it is thick or thin hair, then prepare for important needs such as winter blankets, bedding, clothing for winter, heating and so on. But, before that the first and the most important thing you should do is decide where you put your dog crate, whether located inside or outside of your house? You have to prepare everything to avoid things unwanted, such as laying a dog house that does not lead directly into the wind, because it can make your dog chills, pain, and even into death, better worry than sorry, right? Here are some tips on how to heat a dog house without electricity.

When would you need a heater for a dog house

In this instructable I'll show you how to heat a dog house with a 100 Watt flood .. Again, I know nothing about dog house heaters but I would think you may want to look into floor radiant heat as that would probably be the most even and efficient. The dogs will be closer to the ground and laying on the warm surface. And I would think about what happens when power fails and the dogs are outside. I believe that igloos are made with a wind blocking entrance ... May be beneficial for the dog house as well so if the wind is howling toward the entrance all the heat is not being blown out.

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Last but not least, you should find ways at which you can further insulate the dog house without using any electricity at all. One of the best ways on how to heat a dog house without electricity by insulating the dog house is to cover all the gaps in the dog house with a tape. Closely inspect every nook and cranny of the dog house to ensure that there is no avenue for the cold air to enter the house. You can also purchase a door for the dog house, as most dog houses do not come with them.

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