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A window washing squeegee is yet another effective method for getting dog hair off furniture. It’s an unusual method, considering that one never really plans to take that piece of equipment to use on their couches and chairs. However, it works on pet hair because it has such an even and defined way of peeling back hair from the furniture (much in the same way it has a thorough method of removing stains from ).

House Hack: How to get the dog hair off your couch We all love our pets being able to cozy up with us on the couch

Many pet owners enjoy sharing their couch with their dog or cat. Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling on the couch on a cold night with a warm, furry friend and a good movie or book. What most pet owners don’t enjoy is the hair left behind after the dog or cat leaves the couch. We’ve collected several easy tips for how to get dog hair off the couch (and other upholstered surfaces), which also will work for removing cat and other pet hair.

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Apr 21, 2016 - Learn about the best dog tools to spring clean away dog hair once and for all (KFVS)- We love our pets, but hate the fur they sometimes leave behind, especially now when they're still shedding that winter coat. So, can the Pet air Magnet finally put an end to it all? Here's what I found at my own house.

"That's a good girl," I say to my little dog, Trixie.

She's a year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. My husband's taught her many tricks like rolling over, shaking hands and playing 'dead', but she's really top dog in our eyes when she jumps through a hoop we make with our arms.

And now, here's what we don't love.....she sheds. This is her routine: do some tricks, get a treat, take it to my red carpet. Play with a toy, bring it to the carpet. Come in from outside, roll around on the carpet. See the pattern? So, let's hope the Pet Hair Magnet has some pet-hair pulling power.

Immediately, I sweep it over a clump of hair, and it picks it up. By the way, let's be very clear here. In the video you'll see my very dirty carpet. I purposely did not vacuum this rug for one week just for this test. Once again, my rug never looks like this normally!

"I vacuum everyday. I do not want people coming over and saying there's dog hair everywhere, when actually, it's maintained to this rug."

The Pet Hair Magnet looks like a "squeegee" you'd use on your car, but it's actually pulling like a magnet.

"It's picking up the hair, but I may not have a carpet left over time."

I can sweep it all neatly into a pile. Question is: how am I going to pick it up? The directions should have said "vacuum needed." So, I power on my vacuum and just like that, the fur is gone.

"I'm quite impressed both with my old vacuum that still has the sucking power, but also with the Pet Hair Magnet. I really think between a magnet and that, they're quite comparable."

The magnet also says it works on furniture. Um...not so much. It sweeps hair off, but then puts it into the crevices of your couch. It works much better on flat surfaces.

So, the pros: the pet hair magnet is quieter than a vacuum, it works quickly on flat surfaces, and it pulls out hair like a magnet, but you'd probably just rather use your vacuum in other places.

It's happy tales for this $7 product and the dog stays,.despite her shedding. Who can resist that cute little face?

The Pet Hair Magnet pulls a good grade B+ on this Does it Work test. I bought it at Petsmart.

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This reusable silicone sleeve worked like a charm for getting the dog hair off the couch. I am so impressed with how easily the dog hair lifted right up and on to the Bump It Off. I used both sides of the Bump It Off silicone brush on the couch and I think the larger bumps are better at gathering the hair quickly. Just a few swipes of the cleaning brush and look at all that hair!

They work wonders for removing pet hair from furniture and clothing