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Stripping Combs/Knives: Tools used to help grab the longer hairs on a harsh coat and pull them out by the root. Helps maintain a proper coat in many terriers and schnauzers. Most often used on show dogs.

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My Yorkie boys are in full coat. They are active dogs and always finding new ways to produce tangles. Carpet surfing during games of fetch, running in dry grass on windy days, or simply cuddling in bed can cause tangles. They have given me plenty of practice to learn how to comb knots out of dog hair.

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However, failing to groom the dog is akin to neglecting to comb a child's hair and wash behind his ears Hey there!! 2 weeks and 2 days ago we found 3 fleas on our Bernese Mt. Dog whom is regularly treated on pet armour plus or Adnantix 2 for xl dogs. All 3 cats who are also treated monthly were clean (no flea dirt, no fleas). I went into panic mode, laundered, vacuumed and steam cleaned carpets (5xs over) now I have been continuing to comb and vacuum. They are all still clean and homemade traps had nothing in 2 weeks. Yard was also treated, but it rained a lot the following day for a week so not sure how that worked. I keep checking cats areas for dirt and nothing. It’s a bit harder to check on our big hairy black dog, but he was capstared a couple times spread out to be safe. As long as I retreat at given time and vacuum do you think I can assume it’s under control? I don’t know how long he had those fleas or more, but he is always treated. Thank you, I need a little anxiety help. Good thing it’s getting cold out.

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How can I get rid of mats if I choose not to shave my dog?
You’ll need to thoroughly spray the mat with an making sure to work the spray all the way through the hair to your dog’s skin. Using a comb, work from the outside of the mat (where the hair isn’t tangled) and slowly and gently untangle the hair in small strands. Hold the base of the mat closest to your dog’s body in two fingers as you work to avoid pulling the skin.

Use a bristle brush to brush against the lay of the hair

Technique for dematting your dog's hair the painless way for both you and your dog. This technique avoids ripping out coat, or having to 'cut out' the mat. Demonstration includes showing you the best grooming bushes and combs to use. It has made having a long coated breed a joy to own.First off, you want a comb and a slicker brush (the pokey ones that are wirey. If your dogs hair isn't very thick like a yorkie, try getting a 'puppy' slicker brush. They're much more soft). Then make sure you have small training treats that aren't super fattening/filling. Sit down for maybe 20 minutes (or however long she'll let you attempt) and with one hand full of tiny treats and the other hand on the brush, gently brush her back (and after about a week try brushing down her legs and over her head) while feeding her treats back to back. Even if the first few times aren't a great success with time and effort the cycle can be broken, I promise! I've seen Shihtzu's and Yorkies do complete turn arounds after 2 months with consistent effort :) Also, detanglers and conditioners can be very useful but DO NOT wash a dog with mats. It can and will make them worse if not dryed with a high powered velocity dryer.